The story “Little Red Riding Hood” is the classic tale we’ve been told since preschool days of the wolf who impersonates a young girl’s grandmother and tricks the girl into getting into bed with him so he can ultimately eat her. Today, many variations of this classic tale exist to give variety to the timeless tale. Children learn a tale where the wolf swallows the grandmother and attempts to trick the child, but an axe man saves the two by either cutting the wolf open or simply forcing him to unswallow the grandmother ( On another hand, there has been fanfiction written to give a twist to the “Little Red Riding Hood” tale where the wolf falls in love with the young girl and pursues her with a interest of love instead of eating her and her grandmother ( As happy as these endings may be, this is not how the story was originally written. In the original story, the wolf first sees the young girl as she sets out for her sickly grandmother’s house with a cake and pot of butter her mother gave her. The wolf meets her and talks to her casually and kindly, although he certainly does not have the best intentions. The two both set off for grandmother’s house in different directions, with the wolf striving to get there first in order to eat the grandmother and lie in wait for the young girl. In the end, the wolf succeeds in impersonating the grandmother and eating both ( A common theme in all of these versions of a classic story is to be cautious talking to strangers, as even the most kind could have the worst intentions. The young girl puts herself in danger in every story by conversing with the wolf in the first place and giving him information on her destination, which allows him to kill both her and the grandmother. These stories teach children to be responsible and aware of their surroundings when they are out alone and near strangers, which is a lesson all kids in today’s society must learn in order to be safe.

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