Let the Right One in Character analysis 

In the Movie, "Let the Right One In", Eli and Oskar become friends because they hangout with each other at night outside of the apartment building that they both live in. She recognizes his anger for his bullies and sees him stabbing air, imagining that he is exacting his revenge on them. Her assumed father collects blood from kids he kills so he can feed her and keep her going. He is caught one day and throws acid on his face so no one will recognize him. He is in the hospital, but Eli scales the building and kills him for his blood. In a review by, FilmComment, they say that the movie is, "haunting, romantic, and much deeper in its exploration of gender and child psychology than it initially appears." (Kern 2008). The psychology part of that review comes into play when Oskar has resulted to pretending to stab his classmates and bullies in his free time. This is clearly not a healthy relationship, but the bullies are the ones who caused this stress and action, it is not Oskar’s fault.


            When Oskar is forced to hold his breath in the pool for three minutes, Eli comes to the rescue and kills three of the bullies, including the older brother. It shows his need for protection and love for Eli. He constantly needs her superhuman powers for his protection. Her love for him never dies. However, there is the question that she never ages and what will happen to them as he does. They run off on a train together, but that is the end of the movie. As long as Eli is always there to protect him, he will be safe. At some point though, one may wonder if he will become the old guy killing young kids to harvest their blood for her thirst.


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