The first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Welcome to Hellmouth starts off showing a young male and female in a school. The female seems to be scared and hesistent while the male assures her everything is alright. Soon after you see the females face change into a vampire and she bites his neck. This was the first vampire we see in the show. The story continues to introduce Buffy (the main character) at her new High School where her and her mother moved from LA. In the first episode Buffy meets and is shown the mean side of Cordila, the "popular" girl.  Cordilla treats Willow poorly because she views her as an outsider. She explained to Buffy she thinks Willow is a loser by "othering" her, or categorizing Willow as noone from her circle of friends.  Buffy sees right through Cordila and approaches Willow later on to discuss getting caught up with school. The only issue is the Librarian Giles informes Buffy he is a watcher. This means Buffy is not done killing vampires which she wanted to be. Buffy tries to explain to Giles she does not want to kill vampries because she wants to live a normal life for once like other people. This conversation with Giles was a representation of Buffy feeling like an outsider because she doesn't fit in. The story progresses to Buffy saving Willow from a Vampire and Willow and her friends discovering what Buffy really is.

The writer, Joss Wedon did a phenomenal job of labeling Willow as the "scapegoat" and lableing the main character, Buffy as an outsiter, yet the hero as well. In a way, Buffy is a Byronic Hero. The Byronic Hero is one discussed as intelligent, seductive, outcast and Buffy has talked about her life as a vampire slayer and how that creates a distance between her and leading a normal life causing her to feel like an outcast. Although, Willow made a comment  about how Buffy must habe no problem with dating, or guys because she is so pretty and talkative. Buffy doesn't say anything but you can tell she disagrees with Willow. This is a scene of Buffy still feeling as an outcast but later on becomes a Byronic Hero when she saves willow. This show has had many characters and each a label on who and how the writer wanted to portray good vs. evil.




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