The short story, “The Girl with the Hungry Eyes” by Franz Leiber is about a mysterious girl who is not your typical vampire. The narrator describes her as an unnatural and unholy being. He then goes on

about describing how not all vampires suck blood. The Girl is the type of vampire who feeds off of the susceptibility of men. The Girl is very seductive, dangerous, and lustful for all seemingly weak men. She goes to Dave knowing that he is not a very successful photographer in order to try to seduce him. This story is like many of the other more typical vampire stories. the Girl is seductive and will try to lure men in order to feed off of them.

Most vampires are seductive and mysterious and she fits the characteristics of a typical persona of vampires. The Girl meets with Dave and starts her photo shoot. Impressed with the outcome of these pictures Dave wishes to meet with the Girl again for another photoshoot. The Girl already knows she has lured in her ‘prey’. She agrees to meet with Dave but under some circumstances, one of them being that if he follows her she will not do any more photoshoots for him. Dave agrees to the rules already uneasy about the Girl and her mysterious background. Dave finds himself in a tug-of-war with the idea of pursuing the Girl or to leave her alone and continue his work elsewhere. Dave and the Girl meet for their next photo shoot and he finds himself in an intense sense of regret and fear. He ends up speaking nonsense about himself and his past in an effort to try and relax with the Girl. His desires for the girl become stronger and he soon finds out that she isn’t interested in him or any sexual relations, in fact, Dave soon finds out that all the Girl wants is his life. After she says this Dave immediately freaks out, bolting out of sight and lives to never see the girl again.


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