There's no need to be an expert to consider what a hybrid human-bat may look like. Most of us may think of the most famous vampire of all times "Dracula" with his long black and red cape, the long teeth, the blood sucking, the coffin, the castle, and the terrifying look on his face. Throughout the time this iconic way of seeing vampires has changed because of all the fans and different ways of thinking of other writers and producers. The problems comes when modifying the vampire model without removing the actual heart of the vampire. Now at days we see that even Dracula itself has gone through an evolution by changing his look. The modern vampires as I like to call them tend to be more appealing, by having long hair, nice face, they are tall, and never age. Another important thing to mention is that vampires were always males, but now that has been redefines. As we can see on the series Buffy, she’s a vampire and she doesn’t even look like one. It was very interesting to watch the episode called: “Buffy vs. Dracula” since it was a good way to identify the modern vampire with an old iconic character but still with a new modern look. On this episode we see that Dracula can still turn into a bat, and that has a castle, but one of the things that really changed was that this Dracula didn’t have a cape, even the teeth were a little different, and it had long hair. This new Dracula kept a slightly look that makes him look scary but good looking at the same time. The stake symbol is still on but the cross seems to be more classical based on several books and films. Bram Stocker’s Dracula definitely remains as the main vampire symbol.

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