Many of us have heard of the classical story of the "Little Red Riding Hood" which consists of a young beautiful girl that decides to bring some goods to her grandmother, but before she leaves the house, she is told by her mother to never talk to strangers. Once she got into the forest, she encountered a wolf that asked her about where she was going, why she had to go visit, along other questions. She broke the promise that she made with her mother and told the wolf her plan. Then the wolf got ahead of the game and ate the girl's grandmother, and pretended to be the grandmother by lying in bed. The little girl made it to the house and mentioned that she was hungry, but at the same time would ask her grandmother why she was so hairy, and why her voice was so different. When all of a sudden she was eaten as well. The moral of the story is to never talk to people you don't now, but what else could we relate with this story? Believe it or not there is way more than just one lesson. As a child we believe that we have a magic blanket that will protect us from any evil in the world, by that I mean our parents which by nature are our guardians. But what happens when they are no longer there? We seem to panic and try to escape from our mistakes, even though it might be already too late. The werewolf in this situations reveals the anxiety aspect of fear, and the traumas of growing up. Since the little red riding hood didn’t respond to the situation due to the lack of experience. On a side note we have find a correlation with vampires and other creatures that humanity has created as a way to personalize fear by giving it a body and face. Regardless of the situation fear will be an important aspect that we all have to face sooner or later. It will be our own job to keep it or destroy it. But never the less we all have to double check that lack of trust since they might be the ones that want your blood like the teenage werewolf.


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