Lemora- 1973

The film, “Lemora” is about a vampire who summons a young beautiful girl named Lila. This movie might seem confusing to most people because the some of the parts of the story are left a mystery. The main question I get out of this whole movie is, was Lemora trying to protect Lila, or corrupt Lila? Lila is a brave, young, beautiful 13-year-old girl who lived with a reverend. Her father was a gangster who killed people, including her mother. People were either jealous of Lila or wanted to seduce her because of her good looks. She could even tell that the reverend thought those things of her. She never got a break, between her dad, the church, or all the jealous people around her. In a way, although never said in the story, I believe that Lemora summoned Lila to give her a better life and to protect her. I know Lemora called Lila because of her father, but I think Lemora only got her father to get closer to Lila.

When Lila first gets there, she is so confused on what’s going on. She has never seen things like this before. She saw mutated vampires and was locked in a little stone house before moving into the real house. Lila went crazy just wanting to know answers, so she planned an escape route and found her way to the leader, Lemora. Lemora brought her inside and placed her in her room. She wanted to see her father, but Lemora said he has a disease and she cant go near him. Lila and Lemora bond and create a mother daughter relationship, from my viewpoint. It is only when Lila reads an old diary from a girl named Mary Jo, when she gets a little suspicious. She goes to find Lemora and realizes Lemora feeds off little children and is a vampire! Lila screams and runs, but she doesn’t ever actually get away. She ends up killing her own, mutated father and ends up joining Lemora in eternal life. The last scene of the movie is her kissing the reverend, and he kisses back, then she kills him with her fangs.

In a way, Lemora and Lila’s relationship could be described as Edward and Bella’s from “Twilight”. Edward only ever wants to protect Bella, as Lemora only wants to protect Lila. The only difference is that Bella is so fascinated with Edward and his vampire ways, but Lila at first is scared and frightened. In the end, someone might ask, is Lila truly happy now living a life as a vampire? She could be truly happy. She got away from all the jealousy and harassment she lived in, and could truly be herself in a way. She was never going to live a normal life anyway, so why not make it fascinating and adventurous. 






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