In the film, Let the Right One In, Oskar is the main character who is troubled as a child. He has always faced issues when it came to making friends. There is a much deeper theme within this film than what is seen on the surface, that is loneliness. Oskar is very much alone in that it is difficult for him to find the nerves to stand up to bullies and he does not have many friends. In the film, he makes a friend that intrigues him and that is Eli. Both of these characters become friends because they are seen as outsiders. These two compliment each other and benefit one another’s lives throughout the story. This is similar to the characters in the TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in that she is also very lonely because she is seen as an outsider as well. Buffy, too, finds a friend that is also an outsider. Oskar falls in love with Eli and I feel as though this is because she is the only girl that he has ever become this close with. She also gives Oskar the attention that he needs because he is not getting that kind of love from any one else. She helps him stand up to the bullies and this makes Oskar much more confident in himself. The idea of deprivation of another person’s love is see so clearly in this film but is also very much overlooked by the audience as there is so much going on on the surface. Once Oskar finds out that Eli is a vampire, his emotions flux and he has trouble distinguishing his love and fear for her. Not only does he like her, she is the reason that his loneliness subsided and he saw a new light created when she entered his life. This is a common case that is seen everyday with people especially people of this age. The only twist is that one of the main characters is a vampire creating much more drama in the film. This is a problem that should be seen and bullying is something that happens day in and day out which is very upsetting and should be paid attention to.


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