Blade is unlike any other vampire in literature or film. There are two major things that set him apart from the rest. The first being that Blade is half vampire and half human. The second being that he kills other vampires. Most vampires can’t be exposed to sunlight, silver, garlic, etc. without dying. However, Blade can withstand all of these things because of his special nature. This gives him all of the vampire’s heightened senses and abilities without any of the setbacks. Though he has an underlying urge to drink blood, he has a serum that he takes to keep this urge at bay. Along with his special abilities, his attitude and mission are also different from most vampires. He does not seek to feed off of humans and kill them, but rather he seeks to kill vampires. Since his mom was bitten and killed by a vampire, he wants revenge and does this by killing as many vampires as he can.

            Although he is a very atypical vampire-like being, there are some instances where vampires in other films are similar to him. For example, in Twilight, Edward is a vampire who develops feelings for a human and saves her from turning into a vampire after she was bitten (Twilight). In Blade, Blade saves a woman named Karen


Blade and Karen

from turning into a vampire by injecting her with garlic to slow the process of her turning. Typically, vampires wouldn’t save humans from turning into vampires, they would most likely just kill them. Another example is in Let the Right One In when Eli develops feelings for Oskar. Eli is a young vampire who begins developing feelings for her new friend Oskar. Oskar reciprocates these feelings for Eli knowing what she is and what she has done (Let the Right One In). In Blade, Blade develops feelings for Karen, the woman he saved from the vampire bite. Blade is very reserved and closed off, but as the movie continues on the feelings between the pair are evident and clear. Though there are some instances where Blade is similar to other vampires in different films, he is incredibly different from most due to his half human, half vampire nature.

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