There are many films that portray vampires and werewolves to human understanding through different contexts’ and how the audience interprets these understandings. In the 1998 film “Blade,” the main character is Eric (a.k.a. Blade) who is half mortal and half-vampire and his main goal is seeking revenge upon his mother’s death and he continues this to try to get rid of all the vampires in the world. On his hunt for vampires he meets a woman named Dr. Karen Jenson who was bitten on the neck by a vampire (Crispy) and when she was laying on the floor he had flashbacks of his mother in the same position and with his feelings he took her and asked Whistler (his long time friend) to help and save her. He did as he was instructed and now she helps Blade with the search of Frost. At the end of the film Frost weakens Blade and Karen suggests him to bite her and safe himself, with this he opens the EDTA vials and unloads them to the Blood God, which in turn he bursts into blood. Karen finds a cure and gives it to Blade but he rejects it but asks her to make a more efficient serum.

Since Blade is the only kind of his humanity he has grown up in a certain/specific environment that only he knows about and how to handle himself. In this type of social context he was raised in this type of environment so therefore he seeks revenge on his mother’s behalf. Thus causing him to help the human race live peacefully without the world of vampires. In my opinion the social context suggests that if someone lives in a certain environment for so long that this causes him or her to act out in a certain way that only they understand what the wrongdoings are in their life. Towards the end of the film we notice that Blade rejects the serum and tells Karen that there are more vampires out in the world that need to be taken care of, and with this statement the audience can see with these evaluations of well-being, happiness, health, etc. that the environment he grew up in made him reject it; in other words it was part of his nature.

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