There are many films that portray Vampires in numerous different ways starting from their personalities to the way they dress and present themselves in the human world; and it continues to be considered legends. Directors portray vampires to have pale white skin, having a thick English accent from the late centuries, dressing in old vintage clothing, being an outsider from the human race (not making any friends or getting along with anyone), etc. Looking into the character of Dracula of the 1992 film of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, he is depicted as a monster, someone who is evil and vicious to human kind. The film starts off by Dracula leaving his beloved wife to go into battle, then later when he returns home his wife commits suicide by throwing herself into the river. He is not pleased with God because he let this happen to his wife meanwhile he is trying to defend his Church. He then states to the Lord that he will be reborn again in life after he stabs his sword into the wooden cross and he drinks the blood that comes flowing out. Later towards the end of the film we find out that Mina reminds Dracula of Elizabeth and he believes it is a reincarnation of her. Mina and Dracula share a relationship that connects them both. Jonathan furious with this has vengeance on Dracula and intends to kill him. Jonathan cuts Dracula’s throat and then Quincy stabs him in the heart, Mina goes to comfort Dracula through his last moments. With these examples it shows that Dracula has an effect on others whether it may be angry, worriedness, hatred, anxiety, fear or love towards him (dracula's feelings). By him getting these different emotions to show in other people’s lives, it states that he has a strong impact (not only him, but this goes with other vampires that are shown in other films, novels, short stories, etc.) it shows a great deal about the depiction of vampires.


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