Night Watch 2004

Analysis of Anton Gorodestky

Anton Gordestky is a young man who is an “other” that serves for the light. Before he became an other, we was trying to bring back his wife by asking Daria use dark magic. In this process, he agreed to kill an innocent unborn child that he later regrets. 12 years after this incident, he works for Night Watch protecting those from evil. In the beginning of the movie, we see Anton as a lost man who is just going through the motions. He even seemed to be drunk most of the time. One day, Anton felt a “call” from these two vampires who are trying to lure an innocent boy to feed on. When Anton first met the boy, he had an instant connection. Anton fought the two vampires, killing one but the other got away.

The boy, Yegor, is not in danger because the girl vampire that escaped is after him. We see Anton change from this drunk hopeless man with someone who is now smiling with motivation. He tasks himself with the duty to protect Yegor. When Anton goes to save Yegore again, Anton realized that the photos in Yegor’s house was of his long-ago wife. Anton starts to realize that Yegor is the baby that his wife had. 

The movie ends with Yegor finding out that Anton wanted him dead when he was still in his mother’s womb. This made Yegor choose evil instead of the light like Anton. Yegor tells Anton that he is more evil that anything and rather be with the dark side.

Throughout this movie, we see Anton struggle with his past. He has nightmares of the night with Daria and the deal he made. After finding out that Yegor exists, he felt the need to protect him. Even though Yegor has chosen the side of evil, Anton will always protect him because he loves him.

This vampire movie is unlike most vampire movies. Most movies like Dracula, there is only evil vampires. In the movie Dracula, the main plot is the struggle of Dracula and his affection for a human. In this vampire movie, it is about a vampire who fights for the light.


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