“Little Red Hat” and “Little Red Riding Hood” are two folktales that are similar to one another yet are different in their own way. “Little Red Hat” was written in Italy/Austria with no real author of the tale. Meaning that the tale was probably known around the community to entertain and share the moral of the story. “Little Red Riding Hood” is the version of the folktale we are all familiar with. A French author named Charles Perrault wrote “Little Red Riding Hood.” He was also known for writing other folktales such as “Puss in Boots”, “Little Thumb “and “Cinderella.” A big difference between these two stories is the ogre and the werewolf. The story we are most familiar with involves the werewolf and we wouldn’t even think an ogre can play this type of role. Yet ogres are actually known to be cannibalistic to human beings including infants and children. Little Red Hat encountered the ogre and told her where she was heading. This gave the ogre an advantage to head over to the grandmother’s house while Little Red Hat picked some flowers. The ogre killed the grandmother and instead of just disposing the body, he took her teeth, blood and jaws and put them in the kitchen cupboard. The ogre fooled Little Red Hat and made her eat the teeth and jaws and drink the blood. Once Little Red Hat went into the bed that’s when the ogre finally ate her. The story is very gruesome which I believe is made to make the moral of the story stand out more. While “Little Red Riding Hood” still managed to share the same morals, the folktale focused more on trusting the wolf and then it ending to a terrible ending. The folktales can be told in different ways and that the beauty of them. It could’ve been written centuries ago and the story can still have certain aspects it once did when it was written.

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