The folk tale “Little Red Hat,” originated in Italy/Austria, and the tale “Little Red Riding Hood” are two stories that have the same moral but tell a very different story. It is interesting how “Little Red Hat” uses an ogre instead of the expected werewolf. In folklore an ogre is defined as a man-eating giant. Many people interpret an ogre in a folktale as being used as a method of instilling good behavior in children by suggesting that bad behavior attracted and excited ogres, who would then eat the perpetrator. Little Red Hat takes a detour in the flower fields before delivering soup to her grandmother.


An ogre used in many folktales at the time.

If she had gotten there on time, or before the ogre, she may not have gotten her grandmother or herself killed. Fictional stories give us incite on things of what we should and should not do. The ogre is also much more violent in “Little Red Hat” than the werewolf in “Little Red Riding Hood.” After he killed the grandmother, he also tied her intestine onto the door in place of the latchstring and placed her blood, teeth, and jaws in the kitchen cupboard. He then leads Little Red Hat into thinking her grandmother’s body parts are food. Due to the fact the ogre is encouraging cannibalism upon Little Red Hat allows the idea that in the 1860’s in Italy/Austria this was a common culture during this time. Young children who hear this story will have the fear of going places alone or talking to strangers because they will be afraid of getting eaten. This particular version of the story puts fear in the child for them to follow straight orders and not wander off path. In conclusion, the “Little Red Hat” version of this folktale is much more violent and scary than the more well-known “Little Red Riding Hood."

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