this is for bookworm because i don't wanna publish something that will make me lose my friend.



i turned my head from the computer to see Isaac peeking his head in the door.


"i have a question..."

he looked at Anna and looked confused.

"hi, i'm Anna."

"i didn't know you had a twin."

"me neither. what'cha need?"


"i'm going!" Anna said.

she picked up her books and walked out.

"come on, sit."

"what about him?"

Ash was sleeping on the little coffin-bench by the window.

"he's asleep."

he sat down next to me and looked around, nervous.

"relax! you look like you just heard you're gonna be a father!"


"your breath!?" i gasped.


"you drank blood!"

"no i didn't!"

"who gave you blood!?"

"Daimion!!!" i yelled.


he walked up behind us.

"why did you give him blood!?"

"he said he was thirsty."

"so you gave him blood!?"

he's a hybrid."



"what? i can tell."

"that doesn't give you the right to start him on blood!"

"why not?"

"what are you talking about?"

"you're both of the above, hun." i said.

"it's only natural."

"it's a sin!"


he closed the door.

"what just happened?" Isaac asked.

"you just awakened."

Zuko drove us up to the council's house.

"is he coming back?" the Head asked eagerley.

i shook my head.

"not yet, but we have another Hybrid." i said.

"two in one year? we're spiking up." the female vice stated.


he sprinted over and stod next to me.

"how old are you?" one asked.


"who told you about the SK?" another asked.


he pointed to me.


"highness?" he asked me.

"before or after awakening?"

"after." i answered.

"wait! 'highness'?"

"he doesn't know?"

"it's not extacly something i brag about." i said.

"what don't you brag about? would someone fill me in here!?"

"stop!" the Head ordered.

everyone shut up.

"Elissa, take him into another room, please."

the female vice hopped down and pulled Isaac towards one of the side doors.


"just think of it as interragation!"

"oh, 'cause that helps!"

"bye!" i waved.


i turned to the Head.


so far your other apperances include a vague entrance and you scream when the vice pulls a surprise blood sample on you.

please keep in mind you've only just entered the book(s) and SK so you aren't in the loop yet and you haven't become a supporting character just yet.

but i want to know if so far this is an "okay" discription of your character.

(it'll be a little hard to go any farther untill i've perfected your character.)

even the smallest thing i'll change for you.

gitchee gitchee goo!

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