Pure Boredom by the vampire in pink

LunaBella February 24, 2010 User blog:LunaBella

it was a normal day like anyother; birds were hanging upside down in their little metal trees and the black cats were chasing the dogs.

then out of nowhere, a giant meteor hit the earth! wa-BAM! aliens popped out with tea pots on their heads and shoes on their noses!

"oh, my GOD!!!" a little blue hen shrieked.

"the world is coming to an end!!!" a green shark said flipping towards the police.

the aliens grabbed as many bats as they could carry and sat them down for pork-pie.

"oh, the horror! the horror!" a big fat pink dog said.

then birds came flying out of their little holes in the ground and got out their little bow-ties.

"take that, psycho aliens!!!"

they threw the ties at the aliens and as they ran back to their flying fish-bowl in fear, the crowd of ani-pees cheered:


the end.

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