this is what happened right after "BW's character"


he walked over and started putting his arm around me, then pulled it back.

"walk with me."

we walked out into the garden.

"the sun's very bright, sir."

i offered my umbrella to him.

"no, thank you. my son; how is he?"

"may i speak freely?"

"as you wish."

"i think he's a pain in the butt and a little perverted theif, that misses his father."



"his mother left him at the doorstep of a church in Ireland. i grabbed the basket abd tried to run after her, but she turned a corner and disappeared."


"i found her three years ago, after Daimion left."

"that's great!"

"he knows none of this. tell him... tell him him he can go home; he can see his real parents; but tell him i still love him."

"i will."


we ran inside to see what happened.

"what is it?" the Head asked.

"who screamed?"

"blood samples hurt!" Isaac said.

"you're next highness!"

"well, i'm sure you're exagera-ow!!!"

"how'd it go?" Zuko asked.

"you wanna tell him?" i asked Isaac.

"my mout it till tore mum duh owal ectam."

"what?" Zuko laughed.

"he's sore from the oral exam."



LunaBella 19:47, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

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