Nosferatu the Vampyre by Werner Herzog was inspired by Bram Stolkers Drcula. The story consists of Jonathan Harker, who is a real estate agent. Count Dracula wants to by a house in Wistmar so he is sent to negotiate terms with Count Dracula. His wife seems worries and has a bad feeling about the trip, but Jonathan wants the money to buy a new house.

The topic of gender and sexuality was very evident in the last part of the film. Count Dracula returns to Wistmar in search of Jonathans wife, Lucy. Jonathan returns as well, but he is ill, and doesn’t remember Lucy. However, Lucy believes that their love will bring them back together. One night, the Dracula approaches Lucy while she is sleeping. He strokes her body, and then with one hand on her breast he kisses her neck. At this moment they are both feeling lonely and want affection. Lucy misses her husband, and the Dracula just wants to experience someone wanting him. He wants the relationship Lucy and Jonathan have.

I believe Count Dracula wants a home in Wistmar so he feels closer to people. He is probably lonely in the castle that’s isolated on a mountain. Vampires are usually isolated because they can’t be around people due to their thirst for blood. He also can’t go out an interact with people during the day. After seeing Jonathan and Lucy together, he wanted to know what it was like to be with another person. I think in the end Count Dracula knows he can’t have this because of what he is.

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