Blood for Dracula is a movie made in the 1970’s about a vampire who must travel to Italy in order to drink the blood of a virgin in order to survive. Dracula and his servant, Anton, travel to Italy because the families there “are known to be particularly religious, and therefore should be an excellent place to search for a virgin bride” (IMDB). When they arrive in Italy, they meet the Di Fiore family who have four young, supposedly virgin daughters. Under the pretense of a possible marriage to the count, the parents of the girls allow their daughters to meet individually with the count. During the encounters with the two middle daughters, the count discovers that they “are not as pure as they say they are” after drinking their blood (IMDB).

            These daughters, Saphiria and Rubinia, had claimed to be virgins in order to marry the Count, but in reality, they had been having very intimate relations with the estate worker and servant, Mario. Mario is a very abusive, outspoken, Marxist type who eventually catches on to Dracula and Anton’s scheme and becomes the story’s anti-hero. However, Mario’s “heroism” can be questioned through the fact that he is so abusive, sexually and emotionally, to Rubinia and Saphiria. Mario also has no problem expressing his desire to have sex with the youngest Di Fiore daughter, Perla who is only a mere fourteen years old. Through his Marxist rants, Mario’s character “further demythologizes the Dracula character by reducing the story as an allegory for class struggle” (Oh-the-Horror). After realizing Dracula’s plan and his next move, he takes it upon himself to prevent Dracula from drinking Perla’s virgin blood by “raping her so that she will no longer be a virgin, thus ‘spoiling’ her for Dracula” (TvTropes). By doing this, Mario becomes Blood for Dracula’s anti-hero. Sure, Perla doesn’t end up being turned into a vampire but she is raped in the process, so in reality, she wasn’t really "saved."

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