Let the Right One In, a Swedish horror film with some young romance has a major theme that is sometimes quite uncommon in films of this type. The film can be found here: and one of the main themes is the coming together of outsiders. Not often explored in the horror drama this is one thing that makes this film quite unique. Oskar, a twelve year old boy who is constantly and horrifically bullied at school forms an unlikely friendship with Eli who is a similar outsider. Instead of being bullied, Eli, who appears to be a girl but was castrated is a vampire. Stuck in the apartment because sunlight would incarnate him, his guardian Hakan, goes out at nights to try and bring the blood of the living back. These two outsiders, one cursed to dwell in the night and the other spends his night plotting revenge on those who bully him become friends. The coming together of these outsiders is evident in many other films but this one is special. It’s not often that two bloodthirsty “children” would ally themselves together. In books like The Chronicals of Vladimir Tod, the vampire Vlad is an outsider who tries not to be a monster/ take lives and comes together with outsiders (information of this book can be found at this website: ). These characters in Let the Right One In are different, not truly hiding their lust for blood. Often in stories, even these outsiders are solitary in nature. Although, because they are both young this seems to draw them together breaking the solidarity that each of their situations. Taping Morse code through their thin apartment wall that they share. This coming together can be better analysied through Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s Monster Culture (Seven Theses) which can be found here:

The theses that closely resembles this unlikely relationship is the fourth: The Monster Dwells at the Gates of Difference (Cohen 7). Cohen states “ the monster is an incorporation of the Outside… that are rhetorically placed as distant and distinct…” (Cohen 7). This is something that both Eli and Oskar share, they are both outsiders and in a way monters in their own right. Wanting of revenge for being bullied and then the eventual death of the boys that bully him he gets his revenge and helps Eli to escape at the ending of the film.

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