In the 2008 Swedish horror movie Let The Right One In , we see a romantic friendship bloom between a boy and what seems to be a girl. The boy is a bullied 12 year old named Oskar and the girl he becomes friends with is named Eli. It is the unraveling of the truth in between Oskar and Eli that gives a major theme of the movie. As Eli and Oskar become closer Oskar finds out the truth about Eli, that she is a vampire. After Oskar knows the truth he's a little uset that Eli has to kill, but he comes to reason with it by admitting that he wants to kill and she has to kill so they're not very different. Here there is this meek 12 year old boy who has this urge to kill. Thus, the theme that not everything is as what it seems is born.

Both Oskar and Eli don't look like what they are on the inside. For Oskar he wants to be a killer and for Eli she's not even human, when they both look extremely innocent and unthreatening. The film takes the theme one step further when Eli admits that she's not even a girl and we see scaring where her genitals should be, in which it is speculated through the book that she is actually a boy who had been castrated and turned into a vampire . Again, reinforcing the theme that not everything is as what it looks like from the outside.

This theme that is portrayed in this film, may not have come about without the "humanization " of the form of vampires. As it is discussed in the unit 2 lecture of RSSS 315, the image of the vampire has turned into characteristics of being an outsider but yet attractive, relatable, and almost admirable. In which, Eli is encompassed by these characteristics. She becomes this sort of romantic character that is an outsider in this movie, by falling in love with Oskar. This again, is related to theme that is found within this story in terms of when we do find that Eli is a vampire her actions and feelings involving Oskar is another atypical characteristic of vampires and goes against the normal image we have of them, again showing that Eli is not as much of an monster than she seems. 

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