Gender and Age Roles in The Building of Skadar

In the folktale The Building of Skadar, the wives are only referred to when they would affect the building of Skadar. When the oldest brother is told the only way to keep this city from continually falling down, is to kill which ever brother wife brings them lunch the next day, he does not even bat an eye. The eldest brother accepts this as the only way to build Skadar. The siblings agree to not tell their wives of this plan. 

Of course the oldest breaks this promise as well as the middle child. The fact both of the oldest and middle children break the more aligns with birth order . The oldest child believes he can do what he wants because he has authority over his younger siblings. While the middle child has discontent from the older child bossing him around for so long leading him to disregard this promise. While the youngest has been bossed around by both of his older siblings leading to he just going along with the plan. 

As for the wives, they adopted with same mentality as their given husbands. But when the youngest wife came to bring the three brother lunch he only mentioned his wife as the mother of his children. He weeped for his child not his wife. Even after her death she performed the role of a mother, with no identity given.

Moral of Little Red

All of these Little Red stories surround the anxieties of growing up. The Little Red stories involve becoming more attractive to dangerous people. In all of the Little Red stories, the girls are stopped and talked to by strangers and in those conversations they reveal details of where they are going. In Charles Perrault’s Little Red Riding Hood, the moral of the story is “Children, especially attractive, well-bred young ladies, should never talk to strangers, for if they should do so, they may well provide dinner for a wolf.” Dangerous but attractive men with charming personalities are commonly referred to as wolves. 

You see these ‘wolves’ in current day media, as well as, life. Unfortunately, Ted Bundy is a great example of a wolf, over his four years active he charmed numerous girls which ended in their deaths. The modern TV show, Time after Time, is a modern portrayal of Jack the Ripper, where he uses his looks and charm to make a woman feel comfortable enough to let their guards down.

‘Wolves’ are common in everyday and sometimes they end okay but other times they unfortunately do not end well. This moral is important because it teaches children to be careful as well as skeptical of strangers. 

Technology’s Role in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

From a phonograph, telegrams, trains, and blood transfusion, Bram Stoker included the most up-to-date technology as of 1897 in his novel, Dracula. The technology is used to generate a gap between the old ways of Dracula and the new tech that Van Helsing and the others use. Even though the technology is advance in the novel it fails at the most important moments. A fault in the telegraph system keeps Seward from helping Lucy and then a blood transfusion fails to save Lucy’s life. These moments of failure showed how technology was not always to right way to go. In the end once they were able to balance technology, then they were able to succeed. 

Even with all the cutting-edge technology, Van Helsing and his merry band of misfits end up defeating Dracula with old school methods. This struggle of new and old shows the struggle between adapting to modern way of life and staying spiritual.[1] In order to kill Dracula, they resort to the primal vampire killing ways, stake through the heart. Even though they used many different advanced technologies, most of those failed in the most important times forcing them to resort to previous technology.

The use of technology in this novel shows that although advancement are good sometimes when the old ways are still effective there is no need to change the ways of doing it. Dracula represents the old way of life while Van Helsing and others represent progress and moving forward. This allows people to see how a combination of new and old is sometimes the best way to go. Dracula’s methods were too out of date while Van Helsing was too up to date to beat Dracula, only once he changed his methods to adapt the old ways to the new ways was he able to beat Dracula. 

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