The film, Let the Right One In, expresses the theme of loneliness in a twisted way. Let the Right One In is a film about a twelve year old boy, Oskar, who is heavily bullied and wants to retrieve revenge on those who taunt him. He later falls in love with his neighbor, a young girl Eli, who has something eerie about her. Eli avoids sunlight and doesn’t seem to ever eat. Oskar soon realizes the true identity of Eli, in the sense she must drink blood to live, and is then forced to make a decision. Oskar is conflicted on whether his love for Eli will overcome his fear for her. Oskar experiences othering in his day to day life as he is exiled from his peers. Othering refers to categorizing a person/group as “not one of us,” causing them to be on the outside (Lecture 2). According to Jeffery Cohen’s Monster Culture (Seven Theses), the third thesis discussed that the monster is the “harbinger of category crisis.” This means that monsters cannot be classified as animal or human, they are their own subcategory of existence. This exclusion from a specific category forces monsters to be outsiders and thus causes othering. Oskar is extremely lonely, his outsiderness is even shown in the character’s physical disposition. Other students at school harass Oskar physically and verbally, forcing him to feel left out, or different than the other children. Oskar is exiled by his peers, ignored by jurisdiction, and forced to be alone. All of these elements of solitude force Oskar to feel anger at the world, building aggression inside him. Eli is a light in Oskar’s life because she helps him release his aggression with the world and be able to stand his ground. The title, Let the Right One In, comes into play here because Oskar is letting the right person in that helps cure is loneliness and aggression.

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