Many different anxieties and responsibilities about growing up are common themes in werewolf stories. In the film “I was a Teenage Werewolf” we see a character named Tony having a tough time in life at the moment. It starts by opening up to a fight, started by Tony aggressively over reacting to another classmate. This is first of many incidents shown of Tony lashing out in fits of rage. This is his issue dealing with growing up, how puberty creates mood swings and how it is difficult to control your emotions and anger. This uncontrollable anger is what leads to Tony needing help from a Doctor. Tony shows is how he refuses to heed other people’s advice. Time after time his friends and family tell him to receive help from a doctor, and he does not listen. This could be an issue he has with growing up, making it difficult for him listen to others. Or he might feel like he himself needs to grow up and listening to other might make him feel like a child, so he wants to fix the issue on his own. As the plot advances, Tony eventually realizes he needs help and goes to the Doctor.  But, the doctor only make matters worse by giving him a serum that will transform Tony into a werewolf. The werewolf themes are about issues with growing up, and in the film the doctor has Tony revisit his past trying to bring out the primal instinct within him.

In the short stories “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Little Red Hat” we are given two variations of the same story. Both of these stories are gruesomely dark and don’t have the happy ending I remember as a kid. The overall moral of both of these stories are that young children, especially little girls, should never talk to strangers. We see the little girls think no harm of the wolves they encounter, and I think it is an educational tale to kids as they are growing up to not be so naive and guard yourselves out in the world.

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