Night Watch directed by Timur Bekmambetov in 2004 is essentially about two forces, light and dark, that constantly contradict and fight over which is the superior. The movie starts out in medieval Russia when a war between the Light and Dark breaks out. Eventually Gesar, Lord of the Light, offers Zavulon, General of the Dark, a treaty since he has come to the conclusion that neither will be victorious without complete annihilation. After the treaty is placed we fast forward to modern day Russia where a man named Anton discovers an ability that lets him see the “Others” which are people that have special powers and are officers for the Light and the Dark. Anton in fact is an “Other” and chooses to become an officer for the Light. Throughout this movie vampires and members of the Dark are depicted as evil. In the middle of the movie the plot describes that when Anton hunts vampires that he needs blood in order to track them. In a battle to save Anton’s son, Yegor, he kills a vampire by the name of Andrey. I noticed that this movie could have a double plot. While Anton is trying to take down these vampires he is also faced with the apocalypse which is created by a woman with a curse, Svetlana. Basically, Anton and the officers of the light need to keep Yegor safe from Andreys love who is seeking revenge and at the same time trying to figure out who cursed Svetlana in order to end the apocalypse. In the end, Yegor fulfills the prophecy of the world ending by joining the Dark side but the narrator describes that as long as there are people with Light in them, there is hope. I especially like how the director chose to end this movie with a sad ending rather than the typical happy ending and then giving it a twist where there is glimmer of hope. I like this because it lets the viewer decide what will happen in the future of these characters lives and in that decision the viewer can relate their lives to the movie and concur if they themselves are in fact apart of the Light or the Dark.

Night Watch (2004 film) theatrical poster

photo courtesy: "Night Watch." N.p., n.d. Web. 3 May 2017.

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