"Peasant and a Corpse"


A Peasant was riding through the night with a cart full of pottery. Once his horse began to get tired he decided to stop outside of a graveyard and rest. As he was getting more tired he started to lay on top of a grave but could not fall asleep. Instantly the grave underneath rose. Startling the peasant, he jumped to his feet in fear. The corpse that rose from the grave ran into the church and placed the coffin lid in the doorway, then made his way into the village. When the corpse returned to the church he noticed that his coffin lid was gone. Threatening the peasant, the corpse explained that if the coffin lid was not returned that he would brutally tear him to pieces. The peasant would not budge, showing no fear the peasant stood up and said that he would not return the coffin lid. Moments later the corpse said that during his time in the village he had killed two young men there. The peasant responded, if the corpse could tell him how to bring the two dead villagers back to life then he would return the lid. Then a deal was made, the corpse explained how to rightfully bring the villagers back to life. When morning hit, the peasant made his way to the village to assist the fallen men. The peasant did just as the corpse instructed and brought the men back to life, the villagers thankful for his help agreed to give him half of their possessions as a result of their gratitude. But since the peasant was able to bring these men back to life, now he is accused of killing these men. The villagers tied the peasant up, pleading for his life the peasant explained what had happened to him during the night and explained that there was a corpse that had rose from the grave underneath him and explained how he could bring these men back to life. The villagers then decided to go check it out for themselves. Making their way to the grave, they see the corpse and the grave that the peasant was talking about. Realizing that the peasant indeed wasn't lying, the villagers dug the corpse up and stabbed him in the heart with a spike so he could never rise again.[1]

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