The face of vampires like Dracula has changed dramatically since the manuscript "The Story of Dracula" was written. The manuscript is made up of short stories that originate from Russia and tell of the ruler in another country. That ruler being Count Dracula. Through the accounts that are told in the manuscript readers are introduced to the Dracula who is a just and wise ruler, which is a huge contrast to the way he, and many other vampires, are portrayed in media and writings. "Dracula so hated evil in his land that if someone stole, lied or committed some injustice, he was not likely to stay alive." Taken from the manuscript this quote summarizes all of the accounts in one sentence. In the short stories Dracula is told as being about respect and honesty. One of the stories tells about a merchant who found gold somewhere near the castle so he returned to Dracula saying that someone lost the gold. In return Dracula presented him with the gold but with one extra gold coin. When the man counted the coins and found one extra he gave it back to Dracula and Dracula told him that if he hadn't done that then he would be dead because it was a dishonest act he would have committed.

In the media and other stories, whether they are about Dracula or vampires in whole, they are all portrayed as monsters that only crave blood. For instance in Bram Stroker's book Dracula, all the people of the nearby town were frightened of the Count that lived in the castle. In numerous other books like Twilight, Vampire Academy, and Marked, vampires are secluded from the outside world because everyone knows that they are different. There are no more accounts of the vampires being like Dracula who just rule their country in a fair and just way, they are now portrayed as beings that are blood hunger, fight well, and form vampire schools where they are fighting "bad vampires".


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