The characters that I would like to expand on in “Little Red Hat” and “Little Red Riding Hood” are the ogre and also the wolf. In little red hat, the ogre is the one who is the antagonist while in little red riding hood, it is the wolf. The ogre definitely had a very aggressive demeanor to him and was also very clever. He initially notices the innocence of the little girl and asks where she is headed to, in which she quickly and honestly replies. The wolf is the exact same way, extremely clever but does not also have the same aggressive attitude, but seems rather sweeter. This to me could perhaps show or symbolize the types of people who hurt innocent children, angry people or sweet people whom the children believe they can trust. Also, something that differed from both stories was how much more sexualized “Little Red Hat” seemed to be. The ogre made little red take off her clothing and get into bed with him which definitely disturbs the readers. However, there are more objects of symbolism in Little Red Riding Hood. In this story, the girl wears a red hood, which could symbolize her hymen or her virginity. The wolf symbolizing a lover, someone who wants to seduce her or a predator who wants to hurt her. The wolf “eating her” and then her being saved by the hunter could mean she is becoming a new woman. In these two tales, however, something that is very clear is the absence of the hunter who typically always comes to little red riding hood’s rescue. This to me is symbolism for no hope for the children who are hurt by predators and are not able to be saved from them. The wolf and the ogre represent two different types of creatures who eventually hurt an innocent child, which means that no matter how someone may present themselves; perhaps caring and kind, or even aggressive, they have the potential to hurt someone without any mercy. 

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