Vampires have been embedded in the mythology and folklore of various cultures. In folklore, they acquired numerous
supernatural characteristics, the most common is that they were re-animated corpses of human beings. In modern times, vampires are the frequent subject of cinema and fiction.

Sometimes, vampires are classified as a special case in therianthropy and not as a different species. Therianthropy is the way some humans have to transform into animals, it can be: vampire (bat), wolf (werewolf) (lycanthropy), tiger (weretiger), savage cat, bear, hyena, dog, crocodile (werecrocodile), and cougar (werecougar).

Physiology Edit

"V5 virus"Edit

The V5 virus is a myth about real Vampires, this came from a TV show from England.

This Virus is not real as said .

Diet Edit

Blood is not the original way of feeding, Vampires need Energy, this usually comes from the left over energy around them or when they feed off of someone they are hanging around.

Vampires have Tendrils, like Octopi, as a part of their soul, these move around, looking for any energy that it can find.

Vampires can also feed off of blood, but usually it must be human, this holds more energy.


There are many myths around vampires, here is a list of the myths and the truths:


  1. The sun will not make them turn to dust or smoke or kill them
  2. Garlic will not repell them
  3. Crosses will not set them ablaze
  4. They can cross water
  5. They don't have red or gold or black eyes
  6. They are not gods
  7. There are no known records of immortality

now some of those are not true, but just barley...


  1. A vampire can get a sunburn quicker depending on the type
  2. A Vampire can run, it's from aburst of energy, they can even run to stop something before it happens
  3. A Vampire can be effected by water, the water is like a vampiric body, absorbing energy and making a Vampire weak at times, the Vampire will look for any way out of going near it for as long as he or she can

Explanations of this can be found at The Trouble with Vampires...

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