A Japanese horror/science film directed by Toyoo Ashida in 1985[1]. The film was based on the famous novel written by Hideyuki Kikuchi.[2]

Synopsis Edit

The place and time is taken place in the distant future where technological weaponry and defense mechanisms were highly advance. In this world, demons, mutants, and humans all share the planet and thrive for survival. The film starts off with a girl named Doris Lang who was exterminating demons with her trusty fellow horse named Luke. Together they fend off demons until one, who was presumably dead, was actually still alive and killed Luke. Doris was able to kill off the demon but was later greeted by a werewolf. The werewolf was able to take off her rosary from her neck leaving her vulnerable to the most terrifying creatures to roam the land, vampires. Out of pure unluckiness, one of the noble vampires who have lived over 5000 years, Count Magnus Lee, caught wind of Doris and took a liking to her.

After being bitten by the Count, she stumbles across a traveling hunter, who we find out later to be named D. Doris tests his strength by attacking him only to be left shocked by how unaffected it was. She then begs D to catch this Count and kill him, providing meals and sex as payment. D accepts the offer and begins fortifying a shelter for her. Upon one of the nights, Lamika (the Count's daughter) and Rei (the vampire family's servant) attacked the shelter to kill Doris. Lamika did not like having a human becoming her new step-mother and Rei was only following orders from her. Rei attacked D and was being underwhelmed by D's sheer power but was able to catch him by surprise. Mutants also hold unique abilities or traits just like all the other demons and vampires. Rei had the ability to warp incoming attacks back to the victims. D being caught off guard was wounded but was able to heal quickly because he was half vampire half human. In ancient folklore, a vampire-human offspring would be called a Dhampir but in the film they use the term vampyr[3]. People around the time call these half-breeds as vampyr. Both Lamika and Rei return failing to assassinate Doris. After the Count caught wind of this, he was in furious and grounded his daughter.

D having the urge to stop the Count once and for all begin his venture to the Count's castle. Many demons and mutants were slain in the process except for one. Three girls who were naked and playing a instrumental harp was met with D. The girls turned into giant snakes wrapping and trapping D from moving any further. Doris having no more protection was then caught by the servant Rei and brought to Count Magnus Lee. Upon arriving in front of the Count, he then shows how helpless D was to Doris and was also shocked on how long D is withstanding his life force being sucked away by the snake ladies. D losing his patient reverted to his vampire side and overpowered the creature. He then proceeds to find Doris in one of the sleeping chambers just before Lamika was about to kill Doris. D was then able to escape the castle with Doris, leaving Rei to chase them.

Rei afraid to face the Count on his failure in capturing Doris was later greeted by two other servants of the Count that gave him a candle that once lit, the incense should paralyze a vampire. The candle, however, was switched by the mayor's son after eavesdropping on the conversation of the servants. Having the fake candle used against D, Rei lost. The mayor's son used the candle to stop Lamika from kidnapping Doris and was about to kill Lamika until Dan, Doris's younger brother, shot the son who was about to stake Doris as well for protecting Lamika. The mayor's son fell down the cliff until he met Rei who was angry for stealing the candle.

D, Doris, and Dan all return home sparing Lamika's life. This shed a new prospective for Lamika as she was grown up not knowing how to spare someone's life. After returning back home safely, Rei did not quit on his duel with D. With the real candle this time, Rei was able to win against D and capture Doris yet again. Presenting Doris to Count Magnus Lee, Rei expected a reward in return for his deed but instead was laughed off and brushed aside. Angered by the treatment he received after going through so much work, he tried to use the candle on Count Magnus Lee but to his surprise it had no effect. Rei was then killed and the marriage between Doris and Count Magnus Lee continued.

The marriage was almost successful as Count Magnus Lee was an inch away from biting into Doris's neck only to be interrupted by a dagger thrown into his eye by the vampyr D. Count Magnus Lee was able to recover such attack very quickly and overwhelmed D with immense power. Moments before D was about to get his head cut off my his own sword due to the Count's power, D was able to break free from the control. Shocked by it, D was able to stab the Count's heart with his sword and end the fight. Just before dying the Count glimpse at a picture hung in the room that displayed Count Dracula. He notice the resemblance between D and Count Dracula, coming to the conclusion that he is truly the son. Doris was safely brought back home and D went his separate ways.

References Edit

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