Vampire Hunter D (バンパイアハンターD) is a 1985 Japanese science fiction/horror movie directed by Toyoo Ashida and produced by Ashi Productions.[1] The screenplay is based on the first volume of the long-running series of the same name by Hideyuki Kikuchi.[2]


Vampire hunter d

Synopsis Edit

In the year 12,090 AD, Earth has fallen into the evil hands of monstrous vampires. Humans are hunted and have fallen prey to the vampiric aristocrats, known as the Nobility. However, only one being is strong enough to go against these ruthless vampires, known onlly as the mysterious Vampire Hunter, D.

Plot Edit

In 12,090 AD, Earth has become a post-apocalyptic world in the distant future where mutants and demons roam around through a world of darkness.[4] Technology has become advanced, but it is not enough to help the humans to fend for themselves against the demons and mutants over the land they must all share together.

At the start of the movie, Doris Lang is a young blond woman who is the daughter of a deceased werewolf hunter, who was exterminating the demons with her horse, Luke. Together, they slay the demons until one of them, who was presumed to be dead, resurfaced again, and killed the horse in front of Doris. She was able to succeed in killing the demon but quickly a werewolf came to greet her and took off the rosary from her neck, leaving her to be vulnerable to vampires, the most ruthless and bloodthirsty monsters on land. A vampire aristocrat, Count Magnus Lee, around 10,000 years old, emerges and immediately takes a liking to Doris and intends to make her his new bride. Unfortunately for Doris, Count Lee bites her neck, leaving his mark on her.

After Doris was bitten by the noble vampire, she comes across a traveling man who is also a vampire hunter, who only goes by “D”. To test the hunter’s strength, Doris inflicts attacks on him and is shocked how he was unaffected by the blows. Seeing that the hunter is the real deal, she begs him to find and kill the Count, offering herself as sex and food as payment. The hunter agrees and accepts to the offer, and prepares a shelter for the girl.

The next day, Doris goes into neighboring town with D and Dan, her younger brother. They are confronted by the mayor’s son, Greco Roman, about Count Lee’s attack and D, who promised to help Doris if he has her for himself. After Doris refuses it, Greco reveals to them what to the town and D makes a request that the authorities, the mayor, Dr. Feringo, and the town sheriff, hold off incarcerating Doris at the local asylum until he kills the Count.

Later that night, Doris is attacked by Rei Ginsei, the Count’s servant and a mutant with the power to use his body to warp space, and Lamika, the Count’s daughter. Lamika is part of the Nobility and has a high prejudice against humans and dhampirs, priding herself to be a full-fledged vampire. She attacks Doris due to her not accepting her father, Count Lee, is planning to wed Doris and she did not want to have a human to become her new step-mother. Rei on the other hand, was simply following orders as commanded by Lamika. The servant then attacks D and is thrown off by D’s impressive strength, but quickly retaliates the hunter using his mutant abilities. D becomes wounded but he heals quickly, and it’s revealed that D himself is a dhampyr,[5] a half human, half vampire hybrid (however, in the film, they call it “vampyr”). Outpowered, Lamika and Rei retreat back to the castle and the Count becomes furious when he learns of Lamika’s murderous intentions.     

The next day, D heads over to Count Lee’s castle and attempts to confront him. With his Left Hand as his symbiotic aide/partner, he holds off on his own against Count Lee’s monstrous henchmen, including Rei. As he is in the catacombs of the castle, he gets tangled with the Snake Women, making him lose his protection of Doris, resulting her in getting kidnapped by Rei and being bought over to Count Lee. D loses his patient after he is being taunted for failing to protect Doris and reverts to his vampire side, using his vampire powers to kill the Snake Woman and rescue Doris before Lamika can kill her, and they escape the Count’s castle. 

Back in town, Greco eavesdrops on Rei talking to the Count’s messengers about a candle known as the Time-Bewitching Incense, an item powerful enough to weaken and paralyze both vampires and dhampirs when lit. Greco switches the magic candle with a regular candle. When Dan is held and taken hostage by the servant, D comes to the boy’s rescue and cuts off Rei’s hand. He discovers the candle is fake.

Meanwhile, Dr. Feringo is revealed to be a vampire working alongside with Count Lee, and he lures Doris into a trap. However, he is killed by Lamika when he wanted to request the Count to share Doris with him. Greco appears, this time using the real Time-Bewitching Incense candle to weaken Lamika but gets overpowered by D and Dan. After the whole commotion is over, Doris has fallen in love with D and tries to convince the hunter to live with her and her brother. This triggers D’s vampire side to come out but he doesn’t give in to Doris’s embrace; instead he physically forces Doris away from him. 

Greco is killed by Rei the next morning when Rei confronts him, and takes the real candle to paralyze D, allowing him to kill the dhampyr with a wooden stake. The Lang siblings get captured and taken to the Count’s castle. In the castle, Lamika tries to sway her father not to marry Doris, as marrying a human will taint the Nobility lineage. Count Lee then reveals to Lamika there is no harm in marrying a human and that her mother was actually a human, making Lamika a dhampyr like D, not a full-fledged vampire like she was taught to believe. Rei requests the Count to give him eternal life to be a member of the Nobility, but the Count rejects it.

As D’s body is close to being devoured by a mutant, his Left Hand awakens and revives D just in time to kill the mutant. He quickly makes haste to the Count’s castle to rescue the Lang siblings. Meanwhile, the wedding between Count Lee and Doris is taking place. Dan escapes his cell and attempts to attack the Count, only to fail and nearly falls to his death but is rescued by Rei. Rei, now turned against the Count in retaliation, attempts to weaken the vampire with the Time-Bewitching Incense. However, the Count is too powerful to be weakened by the candle and kills his servant. Just before Count Lee could finally bite into Doris’s neck and transform her into his vampire bride, D barges in and engages in a battle against Count Lee. He succeeds by slashing the Count’s eye and stabbing him in the chest with his sword, leaving him pinned to the wall by the sword. Weakened, Count Lee attempts to make Doris attack D but she has already been broken by the Count’s trance by Dan and Lamika arrives. The Count tries to coerce Lamika into killing D as well, but Lamika turns against him due to him lying to her for all these years. D then activates his powers to destroy the castle, and the Count realizes that D is the son of Count Dracula, who is the legendary Ancestral God of Vampires, due to their resemblance and powers.[6] D then urges Lamika to live as a human, but she rejects the offer and chooses to die as part of the Nobility like she was supposed to. The castle then collapses with the surviving three making out of it alive.

At the end of the movie, the Lang siblings and D bid farewell to each other, and D sets off.   

Social Context Edit

Set in 12,090 AD, the environment was based off to be in the distant future in a post-apocalyptic world where advanced technology was used for humans to defend themselves against demonic monsters. However, old transportation such as horseback riding was still used in a futuristic world, and even though there is advanced technology for humans to use, it is still not enough to fully defend themselves from vampires, demons, and mutants. It shows that humans are weak and these creatures have sheer power over them.

Vampires, especially the aristocrat ones, dominate the land that is shared among humans, werewolves, demons, and mutants. Vampires age the longest, giving them reign over the land. Since vampires are the most ruthless monsters on earth, the townspeople carry rosaries to defend themselves from being vulnerable to vampire attacks and hold a hatred against them. When Doris was bitten by the Count, she was essentially shunned for being bitten, and a merchant wouldn't let her buy his shop items, telling her he will lose business if he allowed her to buy anything. This shows that the townspeople are quick to isolate a human being from being bitten and shun them out of society.

Characters Edit

D (Voiced by Keneto Shiazawa (Japanese) and Michael McConnohie (English)[1]: D is a dhampir who wanders the world in search of the vampyric nobility and is usually is hired for and specializes in, as the title of the movie suggests, hunting vampires. He wears almost exclusively black, including a long trench coat and wide brimmed hat. He is stoic in his demeanor and reserved except when providing details relevant to whatever task is at hand. He tends to not outwardly show emotion, affection or feelings towards anyone around him. While being reserved, he is also strong-willed and motivated to complete the tasks he is hired for. There is a symbiote primarily called Left Hand who appears as a face appearing out of a growth on that hand that has power of its own. Being a dhampir, however, D himself has plenty of super human powers and abilities. This includes, but is not limited to, regeneration, increased intelligence, superhuman speed, superhuman strength, incredibly fast reflexes, enhanced senses and immortality. He is known to be thousands of years old and cannot be killed by normal means. Even by destroying his body, his power allows him to fully regenerate that body unless killed under specific conditions such as a stake to the heart or exposure to sunlight. [2] It is believed that he is the biological son of Count Dracula, known to the vampire community as the Sacred Ancestor, or the first pure blood vampire from which the race of vampires is derived from. [3] D is hired by Doris through an offer she makes to him to kill Count Lee, who attacked her, in exchange for sex and food. While trying to complete this task, D is attacked by various evil demonic entities as well as allies of Count Magnus Lee and Doris becomes infatuated with him. D is ultimately successful in his task and leaves Doris and her brother when his task is completed to continue to wonder the frontier.

References Edit

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