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Vampire hunter d

In Vampire Hunter D, D himself is the most intriguing of the characters. He is quiet, incredibly strong, and has no real desire. All throughout the film he is either saving Doris or her brother, Dan, or he is trying to accomplish his mission to kill Count Magnus Lee. And unless people start conflict with him, D goes about his day without any problems. Even when he is ridiculed, he nonchalantly continues his task. Being a Dhampir causes him to be persecuted by humans and vampires alike. "despite their exquisite features and innate charm, they face a lifetime of prejudice, mistrust, fear, and persecution" (D20PFSRD, 1).[1] Because he is half human, vampires despise him. Especially since he resists his vampire nature and protects humans. Just like Angel and Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.[2] Due to the fact that D is half vampire, he is chased out of town by humans even though he is no danger to them. Near the end of the film, Doris finds comments on how vampires have no honor and do not fight fairly. Then she remembers that D is also part vampire and apologizes to him. Doris had victimized vampires to "othering."[3] She placed all vampire kind in the same circle of being dishonorable without taking time to consider those like D. However, she did reevaluate her statement after thinking about D. According to Cohen, D "ask[s] us how we perceive the world, and how we have misrepresented what we have attempted to place."[4]

In regards to Doris, she is depicted as the typical damsel of all the other vampire literature, such as in Bram Stoker's Dracula and Carmilla. Doris is able to defend herself unlike stereotypical damsels, however, the fact that Magnus Lee wants her as a bride still puts her in the damsel category. According to the "Absolute Anime" website, Doris is between twenty to twenty-three years old.[5] Which, according to Kathryn Hughes' article "Gender Roles in the 19th Century", is the prime age for women to marry and have sexual relations. "Girls usually married in their early to mid-20s. Typically, the groom would be five years older" (Hughes,1).[6] Even though this story takes place in the distant future and Count Magnus Lee is much older than Doris, the circumstaces are similar of the nineteenth century. The world in the film seems like it's in the nineteenth century with the way all the characters dress. Despite the main protagonist being a half-breed and the setting being in the future, many of the same tropes as with previous readings and films coincide with Vampire Hunter D.

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