Vampire Ltd is very interesting story because the villain is a blood sucking car rather than a conscious being. The car is lethal as it can drain the driver’s blood till death, however the car is extremely fast, and luxurious. So luxurious in fact that he who is driving it will be treated as sovereignty as they drive through the town. People will offer free food, conversation, you name it. So on the one hand we have this incredibly lethal machine that only a fool would drive, and on the other hand the perks of driving the car are pretty enticing. In Jeffery Cohen’s Monster Culture: Seven Theses, thesis number six states, “Fear of the Monster is really a kind of Desire.” (Cohen Pg. 16) If we look at the car as the monster than we can closely analyze this statement within the context of this story, “The monster also attracts. The same creatures who terrify and interdict can evoke potent escapist fantasies; the linking of the monstrosity with the forbidden makes the monster all the more appealing as a temporary egress from constraint.” (Cohen Pg. 17) Basically this passage is saying that people can and sometimes fetishize the idea of being terrified as anything that is forbidden is enticing and delivers an adrenaline rush. In this story one could easily see how someone could seek an adrenaline rush with the blood sucking, extremely fast, extremely luxurious car. The terror lies in the possibility of being completely exsanguinated; death. However that same terror could turn to excitement for some as it is out of the ordinary; a break from the norm. Now if we add the positive perks of driving the car, one could easily see how the car could attract so many victims. In many ways it is the perfect monster.

Vampire LTD

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Cohen, Jeffrey Jerome. "Monster Culture: Seven Theses." From Monster Theory: Reading Culture. Minneapolis:                     University of Minnesota Press, 1996. 3-25.

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