Plot Summary Edit

Vampire Ltd., by Josef Nesvadba, follows a nameless narrator who visits England during what he calls an "automobile invasion." He reminisces on his trip, recalling most vividly his experience with a unique car. The people in England are obsessed with cars and racing at the time, and the car that the narrator obtains is the best. However, it has one peculiar drawback - it runs on the blood of the driver. This quality of the car is likely what lead to the title "Vampire Ltd.," as a well known characteristic of vampires is their desire to drink blood.

Character Analysis Edit

Narrator Edit

The narrator remains nameless throughout the story. Perhaps this is because the author wants readers to feel as though the story is more real because he, as in the author (since it is in first person). An interesting interaction occurs while speaking with the Marchioness (or the wife of a marquess) of Nuvolari. They talk about cars and the difference between the Western culture of cars and England's culture. He states, "In the same way everyone wants free enterprise, free discussion and a free vote--but only for himself, which amounts to destroying the selfsame freedom he sought." The narrator clearly defines his view of the paradox of western culture. In his opinion, westerners want freedom, but not for the good of the people, rather for self benefit. This potentially exemplifies the author's views, that westerners claim to support equality and freedom, but not for the right reasons.

Marchioness of Nuvolari Edit

The Marchioness of Nuvolari is the epitome of many of the English people of the time period, as seen by the narrator. As the narrator points out, all they want is "to be able to get ahead of everyone else." In this instance, this is literal and metaphorical: they want to get ahead as in racing cars, but also get ahead socially. For further example, the Marchioness of Nuvolari married a race-car driver simply so she could have the name. This characteristic of English people loving cars likely is a result of Nesvadba growing up in a time when driving was seen as a luxury hobby, and was beginning to become more popular.

Susan Edit

Susan is the sixteen year old girl that the narrator picks up in his newfound car. The narrator and and girl's pseudo-romance is quite surface level, as evidenced by the little amount of time that they know each other. This is further supported when she reveals "her girl friend had slept with a jazz drummer on vacation... But none of the girls had bagged a real Communist yet." However, when the two abandon the car, she surprisingly stays with the narrator for three hours, showing her loyalty. It is not until the narrator shouts at her that she leaves him for another person on the road. Susan represents the sexuality portion of most vampire literature, which often contradicts victorian sexuality ideals.

Sources Edit

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