Now the Narrator of the story of Vampire Ltd seems like just an ordinary guy, however, some of his behavior raises a few questions. At the beginning of the story he explains his average life of the business trip that he went on. He has friends, a girlfriend, and what seems to be a good job. However, once the Narrator gets behind the wheel of the mysterious stranger's car, the character of the Narrator begins to take form.

Dominic Toretto

The first characteristic that is seen from the protagonist is that he does not back down from a challenge. When the Narrator and Susan go into an inn they meet a woman with a fast car. When the woman challenges them to a race on the highway, the main character accepts to participate without hesitation. This ride or die mindset that the narrator has is very similar to Dominic Toretto, of the Fast and Furious franchise. Just like Toretto, the Narrator believes that he can win based on the knowledge of his skill alone and nothing else.

Another characteristic that is seen in the protagonist is odd behavior when he wins the street race. Immediately after he is successful in beating the stranger, he wants to embrace Susan and kiss her. Earlier in the story it is revealed that the Narrator dislikes all of the things and people that Susan associates with but he still likes her. This infatuation with Susan could be platonic or sexual but it is never revealed in the story.

Who Cares

The final thing learned about the Narrator is that he is a nonchalant person. He finds no problem with being responsible for caring for a complete strangers car. He does not care about racing a stranger on a public highway and he does not car about selling the strangers car to another person, even though it drains the driver of blood. This could be a major problem for the protagonist and everyone he comes into contact because he puts both himself and his acquaintances into danger with his shenanigans.

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