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The following tables compare traits given to vampires in folklore and fiction. Over time, some attributes now regarded as integral became incorporated into the vampire's profile: fangs and vulnerability to sunlight appeared over the course of the 19th century, with Varney the Vampire and Count Dracula both bearing protruding teeth,[1] and Murnau's Nosferatu (1922) the first vampire to be killed by daylight.[2]

Although Bram Stoker's novel is the best known vampire fiction of the 19th century, it is the aristocratic figure of Lord Ruthven who is thought to have inspired the elegant and suave creature of stage and film.[3]

The cloak appeared in stage productions of the 1920s, with a high collar introduced by playwright Hamilton Deane to help Dracula 'vanish' on stage.[4] Lord Ruthven and Varney were able to be healed by moonlight, although no account of this is known in traditional folklore.[5]


Setting Skin Colour Fangs Reflection Shadow Attractiveness
European folklore Ruddy or dark[6] Yes[7] Varies[8] Varies[8] Varies
North American folklore Pale Yes No Yes Varies[9]
The Vampyre (1819)
Varney the Vampire (1845) "White and bloodless"[10] Yes[10] Hideous, but has hypnotizing eyes[10]
Carmilla (1871)Pale Yes Yes Yes Unearthly beauty
Bram Stoker (1897) Pale Yes No[11] No[12] Dracula: Varies</br>Female Vampires: Beautiful to the point of hypnotic
Nosferatu (1922) Pale Yes No Yes Hideous[9]
Dark Shadows (1966) Ordinary Retractable No Yes Ordinary
Blade (1998) Pale/ordinary Yes  ? Yes Varies
Count Chocula (1971) Tanned Yes Yes Yes ComicalTemplate:Citation needed
Count von Count (1972) Lavender Yes No[13] Yes Neutral - Muppet/Cartoonish
Dungeons & Dragons (1974) Pale Yes No No Ordinary, they have a predatory look compared to normal humans
Blade (1973) Ordinary/Pale Yes Yes Yes Ordinary but often somewhat above average
Ultraviolet (TV serial) (1998) Ordinary/Pale Yes No Yes Ordinary but often somewhat above average
Anne Rice (1979) Pale, smooth, marble-like, gets whiter with age Retractable Yes Yes Typically alluring and beautiful
Bunnicula (1979) Furry Yes No Yes Adorable to all, intimately only with other rabbits.
The Hunger (1981) Pale No Yes Yes Alluring
Count Duckula (1983) Green Sometimes No No Green-feathered cartoon duck
Young Dracula 2007 Pale Retractable Lost after age of 16 Yes Varies
Vampire Hunter D (1983) Pale Yes No Yes Possess a strange unearthly beauty
Necroscope (1986) Pale Yes Yes shows true self Yes Can make themselves beautiful or hideous
The Lost Boys (1987) Full vampires: Ordinary, a little pale Retractable No Yes Ordinary. Become quite ugly when about to attack and fangs appear.
Half-vampire (pre-turning): Ordinary Gradually gain No No As in life
The Little Vampire (2000) Pale Yes Yes Yes Alluring
The Vampire Diaries (Novel and television series) Ordinary Retractable Yes Yes Alluring
World of Darkness (1992) Varies Retractable Yes - Lasombra, however, don't have them Yes Varies by bloodline, inidividual, and discipline.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie) (1992) Pale No No Yes Ordinary
Forever Knight (1992) Pale[14] Retractable[14] Yes[15] Yes[14] Ordinary
Discworld (1992) Pale Yes No  ? Alluring
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter (1993) Pale Yes Yes Yes Ordinary, but some bloodlines seem to get more attractive with age, some less, and many vampires are attractive as this was the reason they were sired
Preacher (1995) Pale No Yes Yes Ordinary
Legacy of Kain (1996) Varies Yes Yes Yes Ancient vampires were alluring while human turned vampire evolutions became more grotesque.
Night World (1996) Ordinary Retractable Yes Yes Alluring
Alucard (1997) Ordinary Yes No Yes Alluring
Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series (1997) Ordinary Yes No Yes Can appear as normal humans. However, when feeding or angry, they reveal their true vampire visage where their eyes turn yellow, their brow extends and they grow fangs and pointed teeth.
Night Watch (1998) OrdinaryRetractableYes, even if the vampire himself turns invisible Yes Ordinary
John Carpenter's Vampires (1998) Pale Yes Yes Yes Ordinary
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (1999) Pale Yes Faint reflection that disappears with age Yes Beautiful
The Saga of Darren Shan (2000) Ordinary; Purple for vampanese subrace No Yes, but cannot be recorded on film (vampire) or are blurry on film (half-vampire) Yes Ordinary, but vampanese subrace become swollen and discolored from overfeeding.
30 Days of Night (2002) Pale Yes Entire set of teeth are sharp. Yes Yes Steve Niles mentioned that they have an alien-like appearance. They are also described as being gruesome yet attractive.
Let the Right One In (2002) Pale Retractable Yes Yes Ordinary, but appearance will deteriorate if deprived of blood. Appearance can also morph, and vaguely implied to be able to sprout wings.
Moon Child (2003) Ordinary Yes Ordinary, but some are above average.
Underworld (2003) Pale RetractableYes Yes Ordinary
Chibi Vampire/Karin (2003) Pale YesYes Yes Main character gives blood instead of taking blood from humans.
Van Helsing (2004) Pale Retractable No Yes Above average when in human form, but they turn into a winged bat/demon-like creature, which is possibly be their true appearance.
Twilight (2005) Pale, hard as marble, sparkles in sunlight Yes Yes Yes Alluring, inhumanly beautiful
My Sister the Vampire (2007) Pale Yes Yes Yes Beautiful
Supernatural (2005) OrdinaryRetractable Yes Yes Ordinary
The Batman Vs. Dracula (2005) Pale Yes No Yes Grotesque
Frostbiten (2006) Pale Yes, grows even bigger when attacking people No Yes Ordinary, but the "pill-vampires" turn monstrous when attacking people, while the supervampire shapeshifts into a demonic creature to hunt. The original vampires look human all the time save for red eyes and exposed vein when attacking.
Vampire Academy (2007) Pale Yes Moroi yes, Strigoi no Yes Moroi are ordinary, Strigoi have red-ringed irises
House of Night (2007) Blue Vampires: Pale with sapphire markings Yes Yes Yes Alluring
Red Vampires: Pale with red markings Yes Yes Unknown Depends: red fledglings are described as gross, but once they choose to be good and become an adult they can be alluring
Blindsight (2007) Pale YesYes Yes Tall, with a "predatory appearance"; baseline humans possess an instinctive panic response to them
True Blood (2008) Pale Retractable Yes[16] Yes Ordinary, but humans can develop more attraction to them by drinking their blood, and also with the power to "Glamour" ordinary humans into enticement
Being Human (2008) Ordinary Retractable No [appearance 1]Yes Ordinary
Moonlight (2008) Ordinary Retractable Yes Yes Ordinary, but many are above average
The Parasol Protectorate (2009) Pale Yes  ?  ? Ordinary
Daybreakers (2010) Ordinary Yes No Unknown Normal, but with pallid skin and yellow eyes. However if deprived of blood they become deformed, their ears grow, they lose their hair, grow claws and wings and become bat-like creatures called "Subsiders"
American Vampire (2010) Old World bloodline: Pale Yes  ?  ? Slightly distorted
American bloodline: As when alive Yes Distorted  ? Usually normal, but severely distorted and animalistic when enraged
Dresden Files White court: ordinary No Yes Yes Extremely attractive
Red court: ordinary when human Yes  ?  ? Slimy and batlike, but with an attractive human "costume"
Black court: corpse-like Yes  ?  ? Rotting corpse
Touhou PaleYes Unknown, probably yes Unknown, probably yes Normal, but with red eyes and wings.
Fright Night (1985, 2011) PaleYes No Unknown Somewhat attractive
Marvel Comics Pale Yes No  ? Varies
We Are The Night (2010) Pale Yes No Yes Transformation turns them into the peak of their beauty
Blood: The Last Vampire Gray, except for Saya who is ordinary Except for Saya Yes Yes Saya is ordinary, the other Chiropterans are monstrous, but can look like normal humans
Blood+ Ordinary, except fail chiropterans that have gray skin Only fail chiropterans and Chevaliers when they shape shift Yes Yes Ordinary, except for fail chiropterans that are monstrous
Trinity Blood Methuselahs: Pale Yes Yes Yes Beautiful
Crusniks: Pale Retractable Yes Yes Beautiful
DC Comics Pale Yes No  ? Varies
Sanctuary Ordinary Yes Yes Yes Varies
Rosario + Vampire Ordinary Yes  ? Yes Beautiful, unless they absorb other monsters, in that case they became monstrous
Charmed Ordinary Yes  ? Yes Ordinary
Wizards of Waverly Place Pale Yes No Yes Beautiful
Gantz Ordinary No Yes Yes Ordinary
Goosebumps (Welcome To Dead House) Pale No  ?  ? Ordinary, but the color of their eyes can change when they are angry or sad.



Template:Refimprove section A "Yes" indicates a weakness to something, with fatal weaknesses being marked as such. Entries which are marked as "No" are not seen as weaknesses. "?" indicates a lack of information on whether this is a weakness or not; other indicates weaknesses that do not fit in one of the other categories.

Setting Stake Sunlight Decapitation Drowning Fire Silver Garlic Holy symbols Running water Invitation Arithmomania Other
European Folklore Fatal; ash,[17] hawthorn,[18] or oak[19] preferred Nocturnal [11]Template:Clarify Fatal [20] Fatal Fatal NoYes [21] Yes No [22] No [22] Yes[23]
North American folklore Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Twilight No No It harm them, but it isn't fatal No Fatal No No No No No No
The Vampyre Fatal Healed by moonlight ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
DaybreakersFatal Fatal Fatal No  ? No No No No No Sometimes
Young Dracula Fatal Fatal  ?  ? After time No Burns skin Avoided, effect is unclear No YesOften yes
My Sister the Vampire Fatal FatalFatal Possibly yes Possibly yes No Yes No No No  ?
Varney the Vampire  ? No  ?  ?  ? Commits suicide in Mount Vesuvius[10]  ? No No  ?  ?
Carmilla ? Only weakened during daylight hours Fatal  ?  ?  ? ? Aversion to holy relics/charms  ? Yes  ?
Bram Stoker Fatal; white oak preferred Only weakened during daylight hours Fatal Fatal Fatal No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Night World Fatal But it greatly weakens their powers Possibly yes Fatal Fatal No No No No No No
Nosferatu  ? Fatal [24]  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Count Chocula  ? No  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? No No No
Count von Count  ? Enjoys sunlight, sleeps at night  ?  ?  ? No  ?  ? No  ? Yes
Van Helsing Fatal to Dracula's brides, not to Dracula Yes  ?  ? No Not to Dracula Not to Dracula Not to Dracula, fatal to his brides  ?  ?  ? His only true weakness is the bite of a werewolf.
Dungeons & Dragons Fatal Fatal, will survive very short exposure No No No Yes Keeps them at bay Keeps them at bay Fatal, will survive short exposure Yes No
Blade Fatal[16] FatalYes Yes Yes Yes[16] Yes[16] No[16] No No No EDTA and the Daystar virus can also kill them.
Ultraviolet (TV serial) Fatal Fatal Yes No Yes Yes Keeps them at bay Psychosomatic No No Charcoal
30 Days of Night (2002) No When blood touches their ashes they will regenerate. Yes  ? Yes No No No No No No
Anne Rice No Fatal; older vampires have higher tolerances [25] Sometimes No Sometimes No No No No No No The blood from the body of a creature already dead is fatal to vampires
Bunnicula ? NocturnalTemplate:Clarify  ?  ?  ?  ?Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?
The Hunger ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Count Duckula NoFatal (although the incarnation featured in the series is immune to sunlight) No No No No No No No No  ?
Vampire Hunter DUsually fatal Fatal in direct light  ? Immobilizes Yes  ?Yes Yes Yes No No
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter YesBut after a few years the begin to have a resistance toward it other than that their eye still react the sameYes NoYes No No No No No No
The Lost Boys Fatal Fatal Fatal  ?  ? Fatal through the heart No Holy water is fatal in large quantities  ? Invitation makes vampire immune to weaknesses and vampire characteristics No
The Little Vampire Fatal Fatal Yes No Yes No No Yes No No No
The Vampire Diaries Novels: Yes Fatal — Special ring protects them Yes  ? Yes No No No Depends on how strong the vampire is. The stronger the vampire, the worse running water is on them Yes No Heart extraction and not consuming blood kill them
Television Series: The originals can only die with a stake made of White Wood or the ashes of these tree in a special stake Fatal — Special ring protects them, except for the Originals that are immune Except for the Originals No Except for the Originals No No No No Yes No Vampires can also die from heart extraction and a Werewolf bite; Vervain and magical objects weaken them.
House of Night: Blue Vampires Fatal No Fatal Fatal Fatal No No No No No  ?
House of Night: Red Vampires Fatal Fatal  ?  ? Fatal  ?  ?  ? No Yes  ?
Buffy Fatal[26] Fatal Special ring protects them [26] Fatal [26] No [27] Fatal No Shown as a prop on-screen, but never utilized. Yes [27][26] No Yes [27] No Some poisons and drugs can affect them
Discworld[note 1] FatalYes[note 2] Fatal Fatal Fatal Yes Yes[note 3]Yes[note 4] Yes[note 3] Yes No
True Blood Fatal Fatal; Younger vampires can survive short exposure, older vampires have lower tolerances; Fae/Fairy blood can eliminate weakness to sun for a short period Fatal No Yes Yes Yes (mild irritant) No[16] No Yes (Only in private residences owned by humans) No Hepatitis D and Maenad Blood can weaken them; and exsanguinations is fatal
Let the Right One In Fatal Fatal Fatal No Fatal No No No No Fatal, if invite remains absent for long enough Implied yes.
Preacher No Fatal Fatal No Fatal No No No No No No
American Vampire (Old World bloodline)  ? Fatal; ameliorable with protective measures  ? Immobilizes  ? Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? No
American Vampire (American bloodline)  ? No; possible dependency on moonlight — torpid and vulnerable during new moon  ? No  ? Gold  ?  ?  ? No No
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Fatal Generally fatal; some vampires are immune Fatal No Fatal Yes No Any religious iconography if wielded by a true believer No Yes  ?
Alucard No Non-fatal, but finds it extremely unpleasant No No No Fatal for other vampires in the series but not Alucard[28] No No No No  ?
The Saga of Darren Shan Fatal Highly susceptible to sunburns, eventually Fatal Fatal Fatal Fatal No No No Superstitious[note 5] No  ?
World of Darkness Immobilizes Fatal Usually Fatal No Eventually Fatal Immune unless with flaw Immune unless with flaw Immune unless with flaw or when wielded by someone with true faith Immune unless with flaw Immune unless with flaw Only if with flaw
Being Human Yes(only way to permanently kill a vampire) No (More sensitive to sunlight and prefer to avoid it) No(can be resurrected) No (can be resurrected) No(can be resurrected) {{}} Yes (causes fangs to appear, watery eyes, and sneezing) Yes (doesn't work on old and powerful ones.) No Yes(old vampires are excluded) No
Lord Erebus  ? No No No Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes  ?
Supernatural No weakens them but not fatalYes No No No No No No No No Dead man's blood, can paralyze a vampire
Moonlight Causes paralysis It makes them progressively weaker Yes No Yes Yes, it is toxic and can eventually kill if left in too long No No No No  ?
The Parasol Protectorate Fatal Fatal  ?  ?  ? No Yes Yes No Yes  ? Vampires are tethered to a specific location shortly after creation, unless their queen swarms; the touch of a soulless or metanatural turns them human temporarily
Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain Death-like state until removed Fatal to weaker vampires Fatal, but Vorador was resurrected after his execution Fatal to all except Rahabim vampires Fatal to most if not all No No Vulnerable to Hylden glyphs and Moebius's staff Fatal to most, but Vampires in Blood Omen 1 can "buy" a resistance to some forms of water, such as rain or snow No  ? The Nexus Stone could send Kain in a coma for centuries
Night Watch  ? Feels unpleasant  ? No  ?  ? No No No Yes  ?
Underworld Fatal Fatal; Specifically UV radiation Fatal Selene almost drowns in first film  ? No  ? No No No No
Chibi Vampire/Karin Fatal Burns, death if exposed too long Likely Likely Likely No Only aggravates highly developed olfactory nerves No No No No
Necroscope Fatal Fatal Fatal Fatal Fatal No No No No Yes  ?
Moon Child  ? Fatal  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? No
Forever Knight Fatal; older vampires have higher tolerances[29] Fatal[14] Yes[29]  ? Fatal; older vampires have higher tolerances[29] No[30] Yes[31] Can develop a tolerance[31] No[32] No  ?
John Carpenter's Vampires YesFatal Yes  ?  ?  ? No Wielder has to possess faith No No  ?
Dark Shadows (1966) Yes Fatal (except under the treatments of Dr. Julia Hoffman)  ?  ?  ? Yes  ? Keeps them at bay  ? No No
Frostbiten (2006) Fatal, but the supervampire must be killed through a combination of several vampire weaknesses Implied, the supervampires is killed by strong light after being staked  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes Yes  ?  ?  ?
Dresden Files: White Court As for humans No As for humans As for humans As for humans No No No No No No The opposite of the emotion that they feed on
Dresden Files: Black Court  ? Yes Yes  ? Yes  ? Yes Affected by the faith of the user, not the inherent properties of the object; any holy symbol will work Yes  ?  ?
Dresden Files: Red Court  ? Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Cutting their stomach open drains the blood they've eaten, this weakens and can kill them
Touhou Yes Weakened through sun exposure, a parasol seems to be enough protection, though  ?  ?  ? Yes Yes No Yes, even rain is a problem No No
Fright Night Fatal, but only through the heart Fatal  ?  ? Can't think clearly No  ? Burns skin  ? Yes  ?
Marvel Comics Yes Yes, except for pseudo-vampires Yes No No Yes, except for pseudo-vampires Yes, except for pseudo-vampires Yes, except for pseudo-vampires No  ? No The Montesi Formula incantation can kill any vampire within earshot
We Are The Night (2010)  ? Fatal  ? No  ?  ? No  ? No  ?  ?
Blindsight (2007) Fatal No, but light-shy and tends toward nocturnal activity Fatal Fatal Fatal No No No intrinsic aversion to religion in general, but "crucifix glitch" caused problems with crosses No Cannot approach any construction with right angles while eyes are open due to "crucifix glitch"; legend may have arisen from this condition Possible - altered brain structure provides omnisavantic pattern-matching and analytical skills Neurological "crucifix glitch" causes lethal seizures when perpendicular lines fill more than 30 degrees of visual field; seizures can be prevented by "anti-Euclidean drugs"
Blood: The Last Vampire No No Yes  ? Yes No No Distresses them No No No They can die if they lose a sufficiently large amount of blood
Blood+ No Only the SchiffsYes  ? Fatal No No No No No No The blood of one Queen can kill anything that her sister has created
Trinity Blood Yes Yes Yes  ? Yes Yes No No No No No They have to eat normal food alongside blood or they die
 ? No  ?  ?  ?  ? No No No No No
Rosario + Vampire  ? Only give them a quick sunburn  ? Except for Tsukune Aono  ? Yes Yes Yes Except for Tsukune Aono No No
Charmed Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes No No No The Power of Three and demonic powers can kill them; also, killing the Queen kills the entire clan as well
DC Comics Yes Yes Yes No  ? Yes Yes Yes No  ? No  ?
Sanctuary  ? No ?  ? Yes  ? No No No No No
Wizards of Waverly Place  ? Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes  ? No No No Pumpkin smell is repulsive to them, werewolf scratch take away their powers, and vampires powers are useless against plastic
Gantz  ? They can take a special medicine that toughens their skin, allowing them to walk around in the daylight Yes  ?  ? No No No No No No  ?
Goosebumps(Welcome to Dead House)  ? fatal  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? No  ? No The light of a flashlight is also fatal


Supernatural PowersEdit

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  • It is common in fiction for vampires to gain additional, uncommon powers as they age. Certain vampires may have abilities that are unique to them or a small group of others. These have been noted as 'Gifted'.
Immortal Unnatural strength Unnatural senses Unnatural speed Unnatural healing Flight Shapeshifting Mind Powers Telekinesis Pyrokinesis Other
European Folklore Yes No No No Yes Some Yes Yes Some poltergeist-like activity No  ?
North American folklore Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Nocturnal animals, fog Yes No No  ?
Varney the Vampire Yes Yes  ?  ? Regenerates in moonlight[10]  ?  ? Yes  ? No  ?
Bram Stoker Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Wolf, bat (also giant bat), dust, fog - possibly dog as well. Can also impersonate Jonathan Harker The hunters track Dracula through his telepathic link with Mina  ? ? Control of nocturnal animals - wolves and rats mentioned specifically. Also, at least one Vampire (if not all) is able to shrink to fit under a door. Hypothetical array of other powers (due to former magical scholarship - though undocumented and very briefly mentioned by Dr Van Helsing).
Nosferatu Yes  ?  ? Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes No  ?
Dracula (Van Helsing) Yes Yes Yes Yes, but it resembles teleporting Yes in winged creature form Winged bat/demon-like creature  ? No No  ?
Anne Rice Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Gifted No Gifted Gifted Gifted Gifted vampires are able to walk on walls and ceilings.
Twilight Saga Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Gifted Gifted Gifted Gifted vampires can have a variety of different abilities.
My Sister the Vampire Extended life Yes Yes Yes Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Buffy Yes [27] Yes [27][26] Yes [27] Yes Yes [27][26] No[power 1] Only DraculaGifted No No No
Blade Yes Yes Enhanced sense of smell Yes Yes No Only Dracula No No No  ?
Ultraviolet (TV serial)Yes Yes Enhanced sense of smell Yes Yes No No No No No  ?
30 Days of Night (2002) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
Discworld Yes Yes Yes Yes Can be resurrected from ashes As a bat or as a "human" Yes Yes No No Overcome inherent weaknesses with psychological conditioning
Vampire Academy No Yes Yes No Spirit users can heal. No Yes Some, not all. No Vampires that are fire users. All Moroi have an extra power: water, fire, earth, air, and sometimes spirit.
True Blood Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Gifted Uncommon Can "Glamour" humans, erase memories and possibly bend their will No No Can feel the emotions of whoever has drank blood from them, such as if they are in danger. They can also feel when their "maker" is in trouble, and a maker can feel the same thing for their progeny (vampire children).
The Little Vampire Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Can climb any surface and may hang from the ceiling to sleep
The Vampire Diaries Novels: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Only in bird form Yes Yes No Yes They can control the elements, animals and the weather
Television Series: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No No Dream Manipulation
Count Chocula Yes Yes No Yes  ? Yes Bat No Able to levitate marshmallows Electrokinesis Turns milk chocolatey, 15 vitamins and minerals
Count Duckula ? No No No No NoYes ? No NoTeleportation
Vampire Hunter DYesYesYesYesYes No Some can change their form to mistYes No NoVaries greatly by invidual Nobility
Count von Count Yes No  ? No  ? No No Hypnosis, now discontinued  ? Can generate thunder by counting Preternatural counting abilities
Let the Right One In Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited Sending memories through kiss No No Are able to walk on walls
Preacher Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Limited Yes No some Ability to walk on walls and ceilings, briefly read the minds of those they drink from, other unspecified abilities
American Vampire (Old World bloodline) Yes Yes Yes  ? Yes No  ? No No No  ?
American Vampire (American bloodline) Yes Yes Yes  ? Yes No  ? No No No  ?
Alucard Yes Yes Long range vision Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  ? Can pass through walls, shadow and blood manipulation, can summon the souls of those he has previously consumed
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, but wounds from silver heal slowly. Holy water inhibits healing Gifted Rare Telepathy is stronger after biting, can enthrall with eyes Gifted Gifted Call animals, drain power from sired vampires, rot without damage(dependent on bloodline)
World of Darkness[power 2] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Vast number of potential Disciplines. Also, consumption of a vampire's blood 3 times causes blood bonding, an imposed state of intense love.
Being Human Yes Yes Yes usually smell Yes Yes  ?  ? Gifted  ?  ?  ?
The Saga of Darren Shan Extended Life Yes Yes Yes Saliva has healing powers No No Among higher ranking full vampires and briefly during transformation into a vampire; not exclusive to vampires Only illusion of telekinesis No Exhales gas that causes unconsciousness in humans, Runs at high speeds outside normal space
Moonlight Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Can be developed with age No No  ?
The Parasol Protectorate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No  ?
Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain Yes Yes Mostly smell Gifted. Kain gains mastery of time Yes Ancient Vampires were able to fly, Kain can levitate, Raziel can glide Wolf, bat swarm, mist Gifted Gifted Gifted Corruptions caused some clans to gain abilities others did not. Some powers are also granted by the Reaver or by consuming the blood or the soul of some characters
Night Watch Yes[power 3] Yes Yes[power 3]  ? Yes[power 3] Gifted Gifted, giant bat Yes[power 3] Yes[power 3] Yes[power 3] Ability to lure prey to the vampire
Underworld Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Only Markus in his winged creature form Limited Through drinking their blood No No  ?
Chibi Vampire/Karin Extended life, potentially beyond 1000 years Yes Yes Yes Yes Some No Control of bats No No Mind/Memory erasure
Dungeons & Dragons Yes Yes Yes No Yes By shape shifting Bat, wolf, cloud of smoke Yes No No Can walk on walls and ceilings
Forever Knight Yes[14] Yes[14] Heat/night vision[33] Yes[14] Yes[30] Yes[14] No Ability to persuade through mesmerism[14] No No No
Necroscope Yes Yes Yes No Yes Template:Some Yes Yes No No Killglance, Necromancy, Precognition
Moon Child Yes Yes  ? Yes Yes  ? No No No No  ?
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes But can glide No Template:Some No No No
The Lost Boys Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No No No No  ?
Dark Shadows (1966) Yes Yes  ? Either this or teleportation Yes Yes Bat Hypnosis Yes No Time travel, necromancy,possibly teleportation
House of Night:Blue Vampires Yes Stronger than humans, but not unnaturally strong Yes Fast, but not unnaturally so Depends on vampire affinity No No No Depends on vampire affinity Depends on vampire affinity Most are specially talented or have an affinity for one thing or skill
House of Night: Red Vampires Yes  ? Yes Faster than humans, but not unnaturally so Depends on affinity No No Yes Depends on affinity Depends on affinity Most are specially talented or have an affinity for one thing or skill
Frostbiten (2006) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No Walk on walls and talk to dogs
Dresden Files: White Court No, but long-lived Only when boosted  ? Only when boosted Only when boosted No No Induce and harvest emotions  ?  ? Normally about human in power, but can boost to superhuman using harvested emotional energy
Dresden Files: Black Court Either immortal, or very long-lived Yes  ? Yes  ?  ?  ? Can create thralls and "renfields" (insane, violent, permanent thralls)  ?  ? Can control or alter animals; at least one is a powerful magic user
Dresden Files: Red Court Either immortal, or very long-lived Yes  ? Yes Yes  ? Can change from human-looking to natural bat-like form by removing outer skin Potent narcotic, euphoric, addictive saliva  ?  ?
Touhou Yes Yes Yes Yes Implied they can recover from anything as long as the head is undamaged Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Fate manipulation, magic and object destruction.
Fright Night Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Stick to ceilings.
Marvel Comics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Some vampires can control the weather and some animals; pseudo-vampires don't have these powers
We Are The Night (2010) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Walk on walls.
Blood: The Last Vampire Extended Life Yes Yes Yes Yes Except for Saya Except for Saya No No No  ?
Blood+ Only Queens and Chevaliers Yes Yes Yes Yes Only Chevaliers when they shape shift Only Queens and Chevaliers No No No
Trinity Blood Methuselahs: Extended life Yes Yes Yes Yes Only in the anime No No No Gifted Methuselah also possess varying individual abilities, like forming of a blades that comes out of the arms, claws or even prehensile hair. Some Methuselah have displayed an ability to control some elemental powers such as fire and ice
Crusniks: Extended life Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No All Crusniks have a variety of different abilities
Supernatural Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Only the Alpha Vampire No No  ?
DC Comics Yes Yes  ? Yes Yes In bat form Yes Yes No No Andrew Bennett can reconstitute himself some time after being killed
Sanctuary Yes Yes  ? Yes Yes No No No No No They have the ability to understand another person's identity and native language by tasting their blood
Rosario + Vampire  ? Yes  ? Yes Yes Template:Some Template:Some No No No Beside of being able to dectect youkis and release their full powers, vampires have some specific abilitie depending on the vampire
Charmed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes In bat form Yes Yes No No They are immune to witches powers and can hang or cling to ceilings
Wizards of Waverly Place Yes Yes Smell Yes Yes By turning her arms into wings Yes No No No Sleep control
Gantz  ? Yes  ? Yes No No No No No No Are able to spawn weapons from their bodies
Blindsight (2007) No, but can hibernate for decades to avoid overhunting its food supply Yes due to increased ATP production Yes due to tapetum lucidum and tetrachromatic vision Yes due to thicker axons increasing nerve impulse transmission speed No No No No No No No
Goosebumps (Welcome to Dead House)implied, they do not age Yes Yes Yes  ? Yes No  ?  ?  ? They are able to go through walls



Fertile Reproduce via bite Reproduce via transfusion Reproduce via consumption of vampire blood after bite Inhabited by demons Other/notes
European Folklore Yes Upon death No No Yes [34]
Varney the Vampire  ? Yes  ?  ? No
Bram Stoker  ? No Yes  ? No
Nosferatu  ?  ?  ?  ? No
Van Helsing Baby vampires are born dead and must be reanimated Yes  ?  ? No
Anne Rice No No Yes Yes No
Twilight Male vampires can reproduce with female humans Yes No No No
Buffy No [27] No [27] Yes [27] Yes[27] Yes [27]
Blade Yes Yes Yes  ? No
Ultraviolet (TV serial) No Yes Yes No No
My Sister the Vampire Yes Yes No No No
30 Days of Night (2002) No Yes Yes  ? No Scratches
Discworld Yes If desired  ?  ? No
True Blood No, although intercourse is possible and more pleasurable than usual for humans No No The human being turned must be buried alive in the ground afterward No
The Little Vampire No The victim becomes a mindless vampire No Yes No
The Vampire Diaries (Novel and television series) No No If killed while vampire blood is still in the system  ? No
Count Chocula  ?  ?  ?  ? No
Count von Count  ?  ?  ?  ? No
Alucard  ? Provided the other is a virgin of the opposite sex; otherwise creates ghouls  ?  ? No
Let the Right One In Due to Eli being a castrated boy Yes Yes  ? No
Count Duckula  ? No Yes  ? No
Vampire Hunter D Yes Usually creates servants  ?  ?  ?
Preacher  ? Yes  ?  ? No
American Vampire (Old World bloodline) No No Yes  ?  ?
American Vampire (American bloodline) No No Yes  ?  ?
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Only young male vampires can reproduce with a human mother, may cause extreme birth defects Yes  ?  ? No
World of Darkness Except for "thin bloods", those of the 15th (and sometimes 14th) Generation removed from Caine No No The victim must be drained to the point of death, otherwise it just creates a ghoul, a semi-immortal human No Consumption of vampire blood without draining makes a human effectively immortal, and gives them some powers, but does not make them a vampire. The effect wears off in about a month without subsequent doses.
The Saga of Darren Shan No, with exclusion of Destiny's "children" No Yes  ? No
Moonlight No No No The human must be near death No
The Parasol Protectorate  ? Only females can create new vampires, and only if the recipient has enough soul No Sort of; see note No Making a new vampire involves simultaneously feeding (with feeder fangs) and injecting blood into the new vampire (with maker fangs); it doesn't always work.
Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain Yes, due to Hylden curse No. Kain is able to bite (even kill) his enemies without infecting them Kain was transformed into as a Vampire through necromancy and the Heart Of Darkness (which implies blood transfusion)  ? No
Night Watch A vampire can have one single human child Both the vampire and the human must want it No  ? No
Underworld Yes Yes Yes  ? No
Chibi Vampire/Karin Only full vampires. Half-Human variants are sterile No No No No
Dungeons & Dragons Yes Yes No  ? No
Forever Knight Vampires are sterile, and can cause the death of mortals if intercourse is attempted[35] If desired[36]  ?  ? No
Necroscope Males can have one egg son, Females can produce a multitude of eggs in a mass birth If desired Yes  ? No
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter No No No Yes No
The Lost Boys  ? Yes  ? Blood is given before death to create a half-vampire No
Moon Child  ?  ?  ?  ? No
Dark Shadows (1966) Yes Yes  ?  ? Debatable - the vampiric energy of Barnabas was transferred, curing Barnabas & bringing Adam to life
Frostbiten (2006)  ? Yes Yes Yes No
Dresden Files: White Court Born basically human, become vampire after first feeding (can become fully human instead) No No No  ?
Dresden Files: Red Court  ?  ?  ? Yes, with complications Yes Multi-stage process; potential vampire is infected, and gains some powers, then becomes a vampire after first feeding
Touhou  ? Contradicting information[reproduction 1]  ?  ? No
Fright Night  ? Yes, if desired  ?  ?  ?
Marvel Comics No Yes No No  ?
We Are The Night (2010) No Yes  ? No No
Blindsight (2007) Yes Potentially by lateral gene transmission No No No Can also be created by applying retroviral gene therapy to baseline humans
Blood: The Last Vampire  ? No With scientific assistance No No
Blood+ Only Queens and Chevaliers No Only Queens blood No No
Trinity Blood Methuselahs: Yes No Yes No No
Crusniks: ? No No No No
Supernatural No No Yes No No
DC Comics No Yes No No  ?
Sanctuary Yes No Only in humans with vampire genes No No
Rosario + Vampire Yes No Yes No No
Charmed No Yes No No  ?
Wizards of Waverly Place Yes No No No No
Gantz  ?  ?  ?  ? No
Goosebumps (Welcome to Dead House) ? Yes No  ? No


Setting characteristicsEdit

Progenitor Source Dracula Supernatural Creatures Non-Vampire Lovers Rest in Coffins Vampire Society or Organizations Known to Human Society
Bram Stoker  ?  ? Title character
  • Werewolves (implied)
Yes Yes Dracula and Brides
Young Dracula  ? bite Father of Title Character
  • Werewolves
  • Ghosts
Yes  ? All Vampires are subjects of the 'Grand High Vampire' and Vampire Council
Van Helsing The Devil (Dracula) Dracula's bite (Brides, other vampires) Main villain
  • Werewolves
  • Frankenstein's Monster
Yes  ? Dracula, Dracula's brides, other vampires, Dr. Frankenstein, Igor, Velkan Valerious (as a werewolf)
Alucard Reincarnation of Vlad the Impaler  ? Title character
  • Werewolves
  • Catboy
  • Ghouls
Yes Yes serves in Hellsing Organization
Nosferatu  ?  ? Count Orlok No No  ? Count Orlok only
Anne Rice Akasha Demonic hybridization with humans No
  • Psychics
  • Witches
  • Taltos
Yes Yes Hidden, Lestat tried to out them
The Hunger  ? Evolved humans whose blood acts as virus in normal humans No  ? Yes ? Hidden
Twilight  ? Believed to evolve along side humans No Yes They never sleep Hidden
Buffy Unnamed human possessed by Old One Demonic hybridization with humans Yes [26] Many Yes Only Dracula The majority of humans remained unaware or in denial of the existence of vampires, until Season Eight when the existence of vampires became public knowledge
Blade Dracula / Dagon / Drake  ? Yes
  • Werewolves
  • Reappers
No No Hidden
Ultraviolet (TV serial)  ? Virus No No Yes  ? Hidden
30 Days of Night (2002) Vincente and his lover Lilith claimed that they were the parents of all other vampires. Being described as some kind of virus  ? Other vampires In some cases  ? Know with humans then became hidden.
Discworld  ?  ? No
  • Werewolves
  • Witches
  • Zombies
  • Igors
  • Numerous others
Yes  ?  ? Yes
True Blood  ?  ? In the books
  • Maenads
  • Shapeshifters
  • Witches
  • Weres
  • Fairies
  • Demons (books)
Yes They can choose to rest in coffins or beds Out since invention of Trublood
The Little Vampire  ? A comet of soul which fell to the earth hundreds of years ago No No Yes  ? Hidden
The Vampire Diaries Novels: The Old Ones  ? No
  • Werewolves
  • Kitsune
  • Witches
Yes No  ? Hidden
Television Series: The Originals A ritual spell cast by a Witch No
  • Werewolves
  • Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid
  • Ghost
  • Doppelganger
  • Witches
Yes No  ? Hidden
Count Chocula  ?  ? Brief cameo
  • Werewolves - Fruit Brute
Children as part of this complete breakfast  ?  ?
Count von Count  ?  ? Is a comical reimagining No  ? Out
Count Duckula  ?  ? Yes
  • Werewolves
No  ? Hidden
Vampire Hunter D  ?  ? Most honored member of Nobility; D's father Many Yes  ? Highly advanced society, now in steady decline
Let the Right One In  ?  ? No No Yes  ? Hidden
Preacher  ?  ?  ? Yes  ? Hidden, only 3 shown
American Vampire  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Hidden
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter  ?  ? Using the name Dracula has been banned
  • Wereanimals
  • Ghouls
  • Zombies
  • Naga
  • Fey
  • Mer-people
Yes  ? Out
Being Human  ?  ? No
  • Werewolves
  • Zombies
  • Ghosts
Yes No Hidden, but some wish to out themselves and enslave humans
The Saga of Darren Shan  ? Vampires believe they are descended from wolves; most vampire powers were added to the race by Des Tiny after their genesis No Yes Yes Yes Divided into Vampire and Vampanese races/cultures Hidden to most humans
Moonlight  ?  ? No Yes  ?  ? Hidden
World of Darkness Caine Divine curse Member of the Tzimisce clan Many Yes  ? Hidden
Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain  ?  ? No
  • Werewolves
  • Telepaths
No  ?  ?
Night Watch  ?  ? Probably existed in the universe, but not plot-relevant
  • Werewolves
  • Others
Yes  ? Hidden
Underworld Markus Corvinus Virus No
  • Werewolves
  • Lycans
  • Immortals
  • Hybrids
Yes Only the vampire elders while another vampire elder rules Hidden
Chibi Vampire/Karin  ? Vampire's are a species of the Homo genus, separate from Homo sapiens, but capable of producing sterile hybrid children with Humans Brief cameo of Bram Stoker's book Yes  ? Clans/Families control various territories with treaties and all-clan-meetings once a year Hidden within Japan
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter [Elizabeth Báthory] Demonic Hybridization with humans No Template:Unknown Yes ? Hidden but wants to take over the world
The Lost Boys  ?  ? No No None shown  ? Gang run by sire Hidden
Dungeons & Dragons By individual campaign or setting; Strahd von Zarovich in Ravenloft Negative Material Plane No Many Yes  ? By campaign/setting
Forever Knight  ?  ? No No Yes[37][35]  ? Hidden
The Parasol Protectorate  ? Implied to be virus or similar, only works on those with excess soul  ?
  • Werewolves
  • Ghosts
  • Soulless
  • Metanaturals
Yes  ? Most vampires are in hives, led by a single queen, the only female Out in Britain and help in the government, hidden (but known) in many other countries
Necroscope Shaitan  ? No
  • Werewolves
No  ?  ?
Moon Child  ?  ? No No Yes  ? Hidden
Daybreakers A Vampire bat Virus No No  ? No Out, run society
Dark Shadows  ? Witch's Curse; Vampire Bat No
  • Witches
  • Wizards
  • Satanic Warlocks
  • Demons, Ghosts
  • Werewolves
  • Naga
  • Frankenstienian Hominids
  • The Phoenix
Yes  ? Yes
Frostbiten Maria is the pregenitor of the Swedish vampires, but there are older ones Believed to be a virus but implied to be supernatural No  ? No Yes The vampire horde made up of Sebastian, John and the other teens. Annika and Maria. The films ends with the vampires taking over the entire Norrland
Dresden Files  ?  ?  ?
  • Wizards
  • Werewolves (several types)
  • Fae (many types)
  • Angels
  • Demons
  • Dragons
Definitely for White Court, probable for Red Court, unknown for Black and Jade  ? Formal vampire courts: White, Red, Black, and Jade. No
Touhou  ?  ? Remilia claims to be a descendant, although she is not  ?  ? There is no secret about the mythological creatures who live in Gensokyo, Gensokyo itself is isolated from "our" world, though
Marvel Comics Varnae Spell from the Darkhold Yes ManyYes  ? Divided on Vampire Sects Hidden
We Are The Night  ?  ? No  ? Yes No Louise coven. Possible others around the world
Blindsight (2007) Homo sapiens vampiris coevolved with baseline humans as predator; speciation occurred around 400000–500000 years BP X-chromosome mutation No No Likely, not documented  ? Originally solitary predators, went extinct due to "crucifix glitch" and proliferation of perpendicular lines due to human technology. Species fully recreated in late 21st century and eventually reestablished position as apex predator on a virtual reality-befuddled humanity
Blood: The Last Vampire  ? The original Chiropterans evolve alongside humans, while the actual are human/chiropteran hybridization No No Yes No Hidden
Blood+  ? Believed to evolve alongside humans No No Yes No Hidden
Trinity Blood Methuselahs: ? Injection of the Bacillus nanomachines in human bodies No No Yes No The Methuselahs have their capital in Byzantium Yes
Crusniks: All four Crusniks were created around the same time Installation of the Crusnik nanomachines in the bodies of four test tube babies No No Yes No They have gained a high position of power, as Commanders during the Human-Methuselah war and as leaders after the war No
Supernatural Alpha Vampire Created by Eve No Many Yes No Organized into nests No
DC Comics  ?  ?  ? ManyYes No Ruled by a queen No
Sanctuary  ? Evolve alongside humans No Many Yes  ? Used to rule the world until humans rose up against their oppressors and hunted them to extinction
Rosario + Vampire  ?  ? No Many Yes  ? Hidden
Charmed  ?  ? No ManyYes No Ruled by queens No
Wizards of Waverly Place  ?  ? No ManyYes No Hidden
Gantz  ? They are the result of numerous nanomachines within the human body No Aliens Yes No Hidden
Goosebumps(Welcome to Dead House)  ? Chemical accident No No No They don't sleep Like a club with a Watcher Hidden

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