Eli [[1]] relies on powers of persuasion in order to gain companionship in [the Right One In|Let the Right One In][the Right One In|(2008)]. She is a romantic outsider who offers companionship and an escape to an ostracized individual in order to gain their service[1]. This companionship through servitude is best expressed by observing Eli’s relationship with Hakan. The film does little to explain Hakan’s mysterious past. However, it can be inferred that he was originally similar to Oskar and thus an outsider who found solace in his intimate attraction to Eli.  Hakan acts unreasonably in exchange for little to no personal reward. Hakan murders people so Eli doesn’t have to do it

herself, thus preserving her innocence and concealing her vampire identity. He gathers blood for her, cares for her, and offers his blood to her before he kills himself. Ell reciprocates very little of this companionship and often bosses him around or talks down to him. She prefers the companionship of Oskar, who likely reminds her of how Hakan used to be and the relationship they previously shared. Eli's [immortality] makes her relationships transient, Hakan has aged while Eli is perpetually young.

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Hakan Sitting in Train

Oskar And Eli

Oskar and Eli Bonding

Eli’s relationships, at least her relationship with Oskar, is intimate and personable. Oskar is attracted to Eli, yet she has no reproductive organs. The relationship between the two is not sexual but it is still intimate. Eli manipulates Oskar’s fantasies about murder, and interest in blood and death to her advantage. Towards the end of the move when Eli is at Oskar’s apartment she argues that she kills because she has to, where Oskar could kill because he wants to. “Please Oskar, be me a little”[2] Eli is deconstructing Oskar’s perception of normality. She offers an escape from reality and social law[3]. Moreover, she feeds his desire for escape, “To flee is life, to linger is death”. Lastly Eli kills the bullies that try to harm Oskar for being unique. He is convinced by Eli that he does not belong in the culture and society that he lives in. Oskar replaces Hakan and becomes a total outsider and servant to Eli. The two will be interdependent until Oskar grows old. The cycle will repeat itself and Eli will use her powers of persuasion to find a companion.

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