Summary: Edit

The story is told in the first person by a man who travels to England with his friend. He has a few different encounters with cars, but the third encounter is quite an interesting story.

After spending the night with a friend, he needed a ride to Bolster. A pale stranger drove up beside him and offered him his car to borrow. As he took off, everyone around him would stop in awe because of how amazing the car was. Throughout his journey, he picks up a beautiful sixteen-year-old girl named Susan. They quickly became friends.

Later on, they stop and get some tea. He overhears a woman boasting about the car he’d been driving. He chimes in and they talk about the car for a little while more before they agree to have a race. They both hopped in their cars and started driving down the road. He ends up beating her by a landslide. Susan kisses him in excitement before he passed out across the seat.

When he wakes up, Susan tells him that he must go see a doctor because his right foot is injured. She also mentions that he has lost a lot of blood. It isn’t until he opens the hood that he realizes this isn’t no ordinary car. He pokes at the gas pedal with his finger and immediately sees a small sore on it. It turns out that this car runs on human blood. They both get out of the car and attempt the find the owner. Susan ends up hitch hiking and they say their goodbyes.

Finally, the narrator arrives in the town where the owner lived. He talks to a woman there that mentions he’s been dead for a few years now. At his house, he sees a graveyard of old cars. When he mentions that he has his last car, the woman perks up and becomes very interested in purchasing the car from him. He tells her multiple times how the car is lethal, but he doesn’t seem to mind. The story ends with him giving her the car and he arrives safely in Bolster before his first meeting.

Historical Context Edit

This setting of this story was in England during the Cold War. Communism was a major topic during the 1960’s and also present in this story. Although Britain fought alongside the United States against the USSR, the narrator refers to himself as a ‘red’. In Vampire Ltd., the narrator mentions how happy Susan was that he sides with the Soviet Union, which would be unusual to find in England during these times. The story also refers to the ‘Iron Curtain’ multiple times which is the division line between the two sides during the Cold War.

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