Van Helsing: A Brief SynopsisEdit

The 2004 film Van Helsing is about the monster hunter Van Helsing. He is sent on a mission to kill Dracula. Doing so would release a 400-year-old curse on a royal family so that their souls may enter the gates at St. Peter. He is accompanied by his monk sidekick, Carl and the royal princess, Anna, who also wants to kill Dracula to release her family’s curse. Along the way they run into notorious monsters, Frankenstein’s monster, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, werewolves, vampires, etc. He ends up being bitten by a werewolf before killing it. Carl tells them, after researching, that only a werewolf can kill Dracula. Van Helsing transforms on his first full moon and bites Dracula in the neck, killing him. Anna dies giving Van Helsing the werewolf antidote. The curse is released and Anna is greeted by her family at the gates of St. Peter.

Vampires: The FolkloreEdit

There is the debate about the first documentation of vampires. They vary by culture and characteristics. Per Dr. Caffee’s Unit 1 Slidecast, documentation on Dracula dates to 11th century. Vampires in this setting were interpreted as attacking domesticated animals, a wood stalk to the heart would kill them then burning the body, they would suck blood, and powers only existed at night. Vampires also were known as umpirs. Those known as vordalaks were shape shifters, attacking animals and people.

Vampires in Pop Culture/Van HelsingEdit

In popular culture, today, vampires are seen with a wide variety of powers and characteristics. Some are shape shifters, ugly, attractive, young, old, etc. In Van Helsing, vampires were seen with lots of powers that were not seen in early documentation. Dracula and the vampires in the movie could shape shift, Dracula into a bat and his brides, flying demons. The vampires in this movie were attractive in their human forms and manipulative. The fangs were exaggerated, long and sharp. They had the ability to teleport and super hearing. They could sense body heat, like a snake. Often they were seen walking upside down and up walls. They had no reflection. Van Helsing kept some characteristics of 11th-century vampires. Dracula slept in a coffin. They did not enter the sun. They were from the Transylvanian origin and were extremely evil. Using the basic characteristics, Van Helsing upped the fear factor on vampires, giving them extra powers that made them a large threat when it came to killing them. They were not easily killed and with extra powers, they were a powerhouse in the monster world.


Van Helsing (2004)

Dr. Caffee’s Unit 1 Slidecast

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