Varney the Vampire is a series of penny dreadfuls by James Malcolm Rymer, originally published 1845–47. The titular character is considered to be the fist sympathetic vampire in fiction.


According to Wikipedia:

"Varney was a major influence on later vampire fiction, most notably the renowned novel Dracula (1897) by Bram Stoker. Many of today's standard vampire tropes originated in Varney: Varney has fangs, leaves two puncture wounds on the necks of his victims, has hypnotic powers, and has superhuman strength.[3] Unlike later fictional vampires, he is able to go about in daylight and has no particular fear of either crosses or garlic. He can eat and drink in human fashion as a form of disguise, but he points out that human food and drink do not agree with him. His vampirism seems to be a fit that comes on him when his vital energy begins to run low; he is a regular, normally functioning person between feedings."

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