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Vampire Academy (2014)Edit

link of Vampire Academy - Official Trailer

Director : Mark Waters

Writers : Richelle Mead (novel), Daniel Waters (screenplay)

This movie was released in North America in 2014, and is based on the book of the same name, Vampire Academy.

Main CharactersEdit

Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch)

  • She is the member of the Dhampir who is educated by the Vampire Academy of St. Vladimir's Academy as a guardian to protect the Moroi (pure vampires) from the Strigoi (evil vampires). She is a student who causes trouble in school, but she still has a sense of justice and a personality of caring about other people.

Lissa Dragomir (Lucy Fry)

  • She is the best friend of Rose, and the royal family princess of the pure Vampires. However, she became the only royal vampire because of the accident. She has the special power of mind control that other vampires do not have.

Dimitri Delikov (Danila Kozlovsky)

  • He is the personal trainer of Rose Hathaway. He is from Russia Academy, the qualities as an instructor and does not reveal his feelings. However, he spends a lot of time with Rose, and is the only time he expresses himself in this action.

Christian Ozera (Dominic Sherwood)

  • His birth was of a royal family, but his parents became the Strigoi, so his family distressed from the royal family. His character is seemingly rough to other people, but he is sweet and careful to his girlfriend Lissa.

Movie SummaryEdit

The Vampire Academy film is similar to the usual vampire movies, but there are some other stories and facts that can be seen only in this film. In my opinion there have two different fact of Vampires.

  • First : The Vampires in this film, they have their own magic ability for each personality.
  • second : The vampires grow old with age and they become sick and die like humans. I never saw this information in any other vampires' stories. I saw and I knew if the human turn into a Vampire, the vampire lived a lifetime with same age and body when human changed. So this information is fresh info to me.

Vampires in this movie are divided into three different but little bit similar each other of kinds.

  • The Moroi, who are the pure vampires and can use one of the magic of water, earth, fire and air. There is the most special royal family among Moroi like Lissa Dragomir.
  • The Dhampir, who are half vampire and half human like Rose Hathaway, and become the guardians to protect the Moroi vampires. Like Rose and Lissa they have related to each other, so Rose has the ability of seeing and feeling all of the condition and states of Lissa. So if Lissa have a problem or sick then Rose knew the everything. The best power for the guardian. Link of Vampire Academy - The Lissa use her ability of mind control and Rose saw the Lissa's view(4:40)
  • The Strigoi which is evil Vampire, which the people often think about do not have rational and attack people or other vampires and suck blood. Link of Vampire Academy - fight between Dhampir and Strigoi


link of Vampire Academy - official move info

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