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The story "Werewolf's Daughter" is a dark theme creation that tells a tale of a werewolf father and his nine daughters. All the sudden, the werewolf came up with the idea to get rid of all his daughters after thinking how it would be to not have any to support. His idea consists of having each daughter bring him a meal to feast on and then guide them to a pit to kill them. One by one, starting off with the eldest, the werewolf kill them off until the youngest was the last one. She suspected something from the beginning that something was wrong, because none of her sisters had return. While bringing the meal to her father and following him to the pit she was able to trick him and push him down the pit. She ran for her life and hid in a hay stack and the werewolf retreated after exhaustion. A king rescued the daughter and they soon married and had two children. The werewolf decided to seek the daughter, kill her children, fooled the king into blaming his wife, but none of it lasted and soon the werewolf's fate was determined.

Father's Analysis:

One of the main protagonist in the story of "Werewolf's Daughter" is the werewolf father. The father depicts several themes in the form of his actions which are controlling/dominant, love, selfishness, and revenge. The way the character illustrates that controlling tendency to get what he wants at no cost necessary is truly a terrifying circumstance. The werewolf wants to be alone and if that means the killing of his own daughters then it is a must for him. The character definitely shows a one-track mind and a lot of the time something as, having a form of relation with the victim can help with the situation, but in this case that is not true. The second feature that comes into play is the topic of love. His daughters show love by bringing him what he asked for and believing in him. The werewolf father showed that it did not matter and the love from his daughters were not able to convince him to not kill them. The third feature the werewolf father represents is selfishness and that is because he thought of the idea of being alone and not supporting anyone. He grew fond of that idea and it lead him to think of only himself in making his decisions. The last feature the character illustrates is revenge. The youngest daughter was the only one that was able to trick him in his own game and runaway. That ended up in her having a husband and kids, which made him angry. He displayed what revenge can do to somebody and that is why he sneaked into their home and almost got away with murder.

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