Werewolf, Strong but miserable

Werewolf is very miserable if it really exists. It can transfer between monster and human but when it becomes a monster, it will lose its mind and be anxious and violent. And I am here to illustrate two points. First is that the werewolf is brutal and cruel. They are the killing machine. The second point is that werewolf is very poor because of their killing property.

In the movie “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”, after Dr. Brandon took a test on Tony’s body. Tony had ability to become a werewolf. In this movie, Tony totally killed 4 people after he became a werewolf. Tony became werewolf for 3 times. Every time he became werewolf, he would kill somebody. He also killed Dr. Brandon who transfer him to werewolf. And in the old folk “The Werewolf’s Daughters”, the werewolf father almost killed every daughter he had for no reason. The werewolf father killed his daughter one by one without mercy. Think about relationship, they were family and the father was killing his own family. This is horrible. The werewolf is a dangerous monster because its killing ability and its killing nature.

The werewolf is strong and feel nothing when they kill. Why they are miserable? Because before werewolf starts killing, they were human like us. And they also don’t want to kill and treat others’ life as trash. Here are examples. In “I Was Teenage Werewolf”, after long night, Tony back to human and he went back to Dr. Brandon and begged him turn him back. He already realized that he killed people and he was very scary according to sweat on his face. And also in the game, “world of warcraft”, the people who live in the kingdom of Gilnes massively became werewolf because of curse. When werewolf woke up at daytime, they had to face their families’ dead bodies. And they also can’t live with us when they are human. Because werewolves don’t know when they will kill. So they have to live far far away from human such the werewolf in the “Dog Soldiers” and carton “Hotel Transylvania”.

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