Growing up as a teenager can be a difficult and life changing experience. Not only are you going through physical changes, but hormones are racing through your body like never before. Try adding in another factor; you’ve been injected with werewolf serum without your knowledge. This sets the scene for high-school student, Tony Rivers.

In the 1957 film, I Was a Teenage Werewolf, Tony Rivers is a young man with quite the anger management problem. Constantly getting into fights around school led Police to suggest he get psychiatric help. Tony drives to Arlene’s house to pick her up for the Halloween party and impatiently honks the horn instead of going to the front door like a normal 1950’s gentleman. Arlene’s parents seem to hold marriage ideals close to the Victorian age [1] and are bewildered that a young man wouldn’t come to the door to pick up a lady. The two teens drive to a friends house for a Halloween party where Tony accidentally assaults Arlene when getting into a fight with Vic. This is a turning point in the story when Tony finally realizes he needs help with his aggression issues. From there Tony falls into the care of Dr. Alfred Brandon, a psychologist who specializes in hypnotherapy. Brandon injects Tony with a werewolf serum without his knowledge in order to study him in his experiments. Brandon intends to reverse darwinism and take Tony all the way back to his primal instincts; an animalistic hybrid of human and wolf. Due to the hypnotherapy and werewolf serum, Tony’s aggression dramatically increases. Although not stated, it is possible to infer that the combination of powerful werewolf serum and teenage male hormones are what caused Tony’s aggression to spike. However, Tony isn’t the only werewolf to have problems. It seems werewolves in general have a common theme of being overly aggressive and anxious creatures. The werewolf from “The Werewolf’s Daughter” [2] was so fed up with having daughters that he decided to have them all killed. Clearly, werewolves have heightened emotions that are often times irrational.



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