In TV and film, the experiences of teenage werewolves can often be likened to the experience of normal teens experiencing puberty. This can be a trying and traumatic time for young adults. The media is able to represent their fears, frustrations, and anxieties by exaggerating the changes teens go though as the transition into adulthood.

"I Was a Teenage Werewolf" Edit

This 1957 film, revolves around teenage protagonist, Tony. The young man in the movie exhibits behavioral and even physical changes which make him unrecognizable to himself, his friends, and his family. These changes can be likened to the hormonal changes males experience during puberty.

Testosterone: The Wolf Hormone? Edit

In the film, Tony is depicted as volatile, angry, strong, and when he transforms he is also covered in hair. Though these may seem to be the obscure symptoms of a werewolf, these same symptoms are apparent in male teens, though not to the extent seen in the film.

Adult males see an increase in testosterone as they develop. High testosterone levels, according to Rachel Nall, RN, can lead to the development of the following:

  • Excess body hair
  • Muscles
  • Aggression
  • Sex drive

All of which, Tony appears to be afflicted with in the film.

At the opening of the film, Tony is engaged in an intense fist fight. Later, after the fight is broken up, it is revealed that the two were friends, and Tony started the fight as the result of an overreaction. He is extremely aggressive throughout the duration of the film and acts on what appears to be distinct or impulse.

When he transforms, Tony is covered in hair. He is also a very strong young man, as Dr. Brandon made mention of his physique in the film as well.

Finally, upon seeing Teresa, the young gymnast, Tony has another incident. Teresa is in peak physical shape, as she practices, Tony watches her and then another "change" is triggered. This seems to be the result of an overactive sex drive. Tony's attraction to Teresa may have been the cause behind his loss of control.

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