The overall theme of werewolves in many cases, including the stories both read and viewed during this unit, reveal a growing anxiety or fear for the maturing woman that she might be preyed upon by sex-driven men. This is seen in the plainest sense through the storyline behind both “Little Red Hat” and “Little Red Riding Hood” in which a young girl is eaten by a monster (Schneller & Perrault)[1]. The obvious moral behind these stories is to not talk to strangers, but a deeper hidden meaning is the warning to young children, girls in particular, to beware of the wolf, or man, that desires to prey on them: assault. Like the wolf or the ogre desired to eat the girl, sexual predators desire to prey on their targets. The depiction of the wolf, a savage beast that cannot help himself from wanting to eat, reveals society’s fear of those monsters, and men’s insatiable appetite, that is often viewed as uncontrollable.

This theme is again seen in the film I Was A Teenage Werewolf when Arlene’s parents confront Tony with their fears that a young man might take advantage of their young beautiful daughter (Landon). They are well aware of Tony’s aggressive behavior, something that is only enhanced once he is transformed into a literal beast, and they cannot help but fear for their daughter’s integrity. The fact that her father is the one to bring this up only furthers the idea that society often views rape or other assaults on woman to be but manly urges because he would only fear this more by knowing the feelings himself. This also paints men into beasts, using the werewolf as a tool to depict this idea. Werewolves are hyper-masculinized and with this associated is the idea of being over-sexualized.

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