The Werewolf has evolved from the killer of a Little Red Riding Hood into the lover of Bella in Twilight.  The Werewolf features many different attributes but one prevalent one is aggression.  In different cultural tales of Little Red Riding Hood the wolf violently kills the grandmother . This Vampedia entry shows the gruesome violence in old folk tales of Little Red Riding Hood. In the French version of Little Red Riding Hood the wolf has the young girl eat her grandma and drink her grandmothers blood.  In another old tale about werewolves called, “The Werewolves Daughter” a father of many daughters is also a werewolf who comes up with a plan to violently kill off his daughters one by one.  This aggression of werewolves has carried on into portrayals of them in the media.  In “I was a teenage werewolf” a doctor gives a teenage boy injections in order to take him back to his primitive state.  This vampedia entry does an excellent synopsis of the movie.  Anyways, the doctors procedure makes him a werewolf.  As a werewolf he becomes very aggressive.  One of the most modern media portayals of the werewolf is in the movie Twilight.   This makes the werewolf, Jacob, a sweet love interest.  But in the presence of vampires Jacob shows the vilence that is so common in the werewolf folk tales of old.

This's_Daughter Vampedia entry does an excellent job at summarizing the story of the werewolves daughter.  It also talks about the myth behind werewolves and how it arose in different cultures. 

The image of the werewolf has changed drastically throughout the existence of the werewolf in media.  Here are a couple representations of the werewolf. It is interesting to see that the them of violence has stayed in the werewolf even though the image of the werewolf has changed so much.

Mid Wolf

The first image is an old folklore version of the werewolf. The middle image is a portrayal of a werewolf in Wizards of Waverly Place and the last is a werewolf from Twilight. The image of the werewolf has changed drastically throughout media history, but its dangerous side is always a factor in its character and storyline.

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