Zacharias is a Necrarch vampire and current owner of one of the nine books in the Liber Mortis.


Little is known about his life, but he studied necromancy under Dieter Helsnicht in the Forest of Shadows. One day, he came upon Melkhior's tower in his attempt to steal a book of Nagash the Unbreakable but was caught by the undead horde. He was "rewarded" with the Blood Kiss of vampirism.


Studying under Melkhior, he learnt much about the black arts but was not allowed to see the book. However, as Melkhior relished in the blood of freshly-killed servants, Zacharias crept to the crypt and read it. However, Melkhior caught him and he was forced to flee to the Middle Mountains. Finding himself free of pursuers, he slept for a decade. However, a Black Dragon made its shelter there, and when he woke he fed on it for a month. The drinking from the dragon freed him from the need for blood and he returned to claim the book on the undead dragon. Whether Melkhior was killed is unknown, but Zacharias rules the tower yet.

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             Necrarchs including Melkhior
                         Zacharias the Everliving

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Zacharias was created for the popular black comedy/fantasy game Warhammer by Games Workshop. The product listing of his miniature can be found here.